Who wouldn't want to be a national points champion. Just a idea i have .

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michael faszcza

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Jan 3, 2014
Ok my idea is a national points championship bases on heat race scores . 25 bucks per entrant pays for awards. Each racer has 5 race weekend results they can turn in per year .entrants are responsible for heat sheet turn in and must have ,event race date and scorers contact info . Point structure . 0 to 50 points =5 points 100 to 150 = 10 200 to 250 = 15 300 to 350 = 20 400 is 25 points Extra points . If you race a nats event and use sheet for turn in outside of your district 40 bonus points .a national race you use in your district 20 points .attend a district race outside your district 30 bonus points . End of the year you have a national points champion earned on being consistent not just had one good weekend.

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