Who Started Crapshooter Boats?


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Jun 23, 2002

I have pictures of Jim’s boats, but mostly his 1/8th scale boat. I could dig them out one day for you if you would like?


Mark Sholund

Christian Lucas

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Aug 23, 2012
i will have to look in my old modelboat mags. i know i had the pictures of him . His rigger are build around the hardware. He used Astrofly motors and i think i remember he has one rigger with 18 to 32 sanyo cutoff 600 mAh cells and a smaler one with 6 to 12 cells same size. Most unusuall thing i remember of his rigger was that the sponson are placed not so far forward like to days record rigger . His sponson are placed moore like the sponson of the Octura WingDing. Closer to the C.G. . Motor in the back than esc and the batterie in the front.
Will look for. First look and i found in the 1992 Boat Modeler Buyers´Guide the Astro Marine Congrats for Jim.

Happy Amps Christian


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Steve White

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Dec 11, 2020
I started seriously messing with this stuff in 1969. If my memory is correct "they" had an add in R/C Modeler around '74 that said if you assemble their 40 boat according to their specs, they would guarantee 45 mph!! Does anyone remember that or was I dreaming?
The ad I saw in R/C Modeler when Reese/Worden built them, guaranteed 70 MPH with a 60 so I bought one of the original wood boom boats. OPS 60 on 40% nitro and it torque rolled and left the water many many times going way past 70 - uncut Octura 2.6 and would up tight - hang time was good enough to be able to chop the throttle, close the carb and never hydraulic an engine.

Many long distance phone calls from California talking to Tim & Dennis - they were great guys and always real helpful.