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Vince Fantauzzi

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Oct 13, 2013
Hey, Robert... Last year I came across an OPS 67 that was completely seized. I removed the head and the carb, soaked it gasoline overnight and then I sprayed a ton of WD40 all over it and let sit for a few hours. Eventually I was able to turn the flywheel by hand... At that point I inserted a 1/4" rod shank in the collett and used a drill at low rpm to get it moving a lil faster. In no time, it was turning smooth as can be. Put it back together, and it fired right up. Hopefully your bearings aren't rusted.
Good luck


Hydro Junkie

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Oct 2, 2006
I'd send that motor to Rod Geraghty and let him go through it as he's one of the K&B "gurus" that's still around. If anyone can get it running, Rod can :)
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