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Parts Wanted Prop Pitch Gauge


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Aug 27, 2004
Looking for the Speed Master or the Woods prop Pitch gauge with conversion book.

Let know what you have.
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I know there is one out there sitting on a shelf that looks a lot like money in your hands.
I don't think I have ever seen the Wood gauge. I do have the Pitch-Master designed by Jim Haik. I'm hoping that someone can tell me if this is as good as the Wood gauge. I hope to meet up with someone that I value as "The Authority" on props this weekend. The man does hundreds of props each year. Been doing them for twenty plus years. So it's likely that he knows a thing or two about them!!! I won't use his name only because I haven't asked his permission.
If my gauge is deemed "not so good" then I will be more inclined to spend the money...

Thanks, Bill.


I would buy it if I was you. I have three of them and they were
all built by Steve for different applications. The Best made in my


WHAT is going ON..!!! Bill you answered. I'll take it. KEN WHEELER Create your own thread...!!

Bill P/M sent