OIL for Nitro engine fuel blends - TESTING ARTICLE ~1975


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Steve White

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Dec 11, 2020
Years ago there was a magazine article, don't remember where but must have been RC modeling related since the article was about nitro fuel blends and oil in particular.

They setup dyno testing of oils available at the time - basically testing synthetics against pure degummed castor.

Seems like EGT and CHT were a part of it, but horsepower on the dyno was. As well, they did a tear down after the runs and checked for deposits. They also did film strength break-down testing.

At that time, Klotz/Castor was the overall winner. Film strength and lubricity of the Castor, clean burning properties of the Synthetics and good temperatures and performance.

Anybody remember that? Would like to get a copy of it.

Attached is one many of you know, have seen mention of it on a couple of threads. Got the original copy of that back when a pal and I were messing around making some tuned pipes. Also attached is a "How To" from Russ Green on making head shims on a lathe - don't remember when I downloaded that one - could have been from this site, not sure. Back in those days we did quite a bit of bench testing with air props and an optical tach on the .15's, .19's, .21's & .40's.

I still run Klotz/Castor to this day, in fact even use it for yard care equipment two-strokes - runs well with gasoline too - and smells much better than the commercial stuff.

If I broke any rules with the attachments, my apology in advance.


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