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Jan 2, 2006
Sweet looking boat !
As much as I am a nitro guy, and always will be, I gotta give props to the new generation of gas guys... Gas has opened up a whole new group of builders that have taken model boating to a whole new level.

Twins especially, I don't ever remember seeing so many new twin engine builds
in so many different types of hulls. The simplicity and dependability of gas trumps nitro any day, which I think is driving a lot of new builds..Nitro ain't totally dead, but it definitely is on its last legs..

Don't think I have ever seen a twin sport hydro with nitro power,,there may be some out there, but I have never seen one.

Would love to see twin only gas classes at the races, 6-8 riggers or sport hydros per round just tearing it up... even mono classes would be cool... The technology is here today for it to happen, maybe some national points series championship by district with a winner takes all event at the end of the season....

Nitro or gas,,, twins rule!!!