New Guy offset motor?


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mike turner

New Member
Aug 3, 2019
Hi! I am building a 1/10 scale 8303 ML Boatworks kit of the 91 Edge / miss Renault hull .
It will run CCW , the hull center section is offset to the left port side like the real boat .
If I center the motor in the centersection it would be 3/4" port side from the hull centerline?
I am building it with a wire drive that needs to have a stuffing tube straight from the motor to strut . So my prop would also be 3/4" offset too.
that seems like alot of offset or is it ok ??
Also how far from the prop centerline to the rudder should I be looking for?
I will probably never race it but I am building by the rules the guys in Washington Classic Thunder go by.