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Jamie Corrigan

New Member
Dec 15, 2019
Hi all, first time posting and after some advise. Just picked up a 34” mono shallow Vee and building my first boat, mainly just for a bit of fun. Previous owner suggested 7.5 - 10cc motor but that seems a bit on the large side? Would a .21 push that boat along alright or am I better off with like a .32 dynamite or .46 Mecoa? Just after a bit of fun.. if I can get 40mph out of it I’ll be more than happy. I can get a .28 Go motor too which I thought might be a good fit. Running surface drive and 3/16 hardware. Many thanks!!

David Ashcroft

Well-Known Member
Jan 26, 2014
What Vee do you have?
You could spend top dollar on a highperformane .21 and get good performance ,or spend less and get a .28 and also get good performance.

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