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Brad Christy

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Jun 24, 2002

That red Corvette looks just like that black Mustang, except that one is a red Corvette and the other is a black Mustang.....

So.... How are you defining "exactly the same" when literally all metrics, except chip load, are vastly different? (In reality, chip load is also quite different.)

I understood what your "15%" meant. But it also negates the "exactly like" part. I don't mean to be argumentative. I'm just trying to understand the rationale...

I also think this is, at least, a part of the reason why people often think Ti is so difficult to machine (it's not). Somebody tells them "exactly like aluminum", they approach it that way, and get horrible results. I'd hate it, too. I can tell you that at no point, while telling me that Ti machines "exactly like aluminum", did anybody ever include the very relevant caveat "except it doesn't".

Thanks. Brad.
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Terry Keeley

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Jul 24, 2002
I got an some expensive (to me) Niagara cutters to do the finishing on my rudders, glad I did. With flood coolant they cut like budda, went real slow tho.

Here's the cobalt roughing end mill:

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