Looking for Pit Box, Glo-Plug starter, fuel can etc.

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Jan 9, 2004
I'm trying to find a nice pit box that someone has for sale or could build that's made out of aircraft quality ply and is well thought out looks nice etc. Also need some tips on what you're using for the fuel container (glo-fuel), fuel pump etc. I've seen some guys with diamond plate aluminum versions etc. don't know where to purchase? Wondered what kind of higher end nice stuff was out there? I've got several of the pre-fab wood boxes that I've acquired over the years heck even a couple one-off designs. Looking for something more specific to RC (nitro) boat use that works well for the weekend sport boater.

Brandon Atwell

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Mar 11, 2012
John Seltzer (SS Tanks) makes the Diamond Plate stainless fuel jugs. Amazing quality, love ours! We’ve had a custom pit box but recently just purchased this

Think this covers the basics that we need and keep the majority of the other tools in our tool box. Personally going to mount an electric pump in place of the hand unit but seems to work well. Won’t fit John’s stainless jug but a regular will work.

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