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Parts For Sale K&B 7.5 Red Head & Gold Head


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Jerry Dunlap

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Apr 1, 2002
All the parts are assembled.

I am selling 2 K&B 7.5 engines that belong to Frank Ward. Frank was the designer of the Dumas DragN'Fli hydroplanes and also manufactured Wardcraft Deep Vees. Frank retired 5 years ago, built a new house on Duck Lake in Ocean Shores, WA, purchased a lot of model boating stuff, and then began experiencing a bunch of medical challenges.

The Red Head has new bearings and lower unit. As can be seen in the picture, the piston head shows the motor has been run. I did not see any scratches in the sleeve. The head clearance has been set at .012. With the glow plug installed, it has good compression. I saw the engine run one time at a race 3 years ago and it only ran for less than a complete heat because Frank managed to break the front sponson off a WOF tunnel(not one of mine). Frank wants $400 plus shipping.

The Gold Head also has new bearings and lower unit. It looks like a very fresh P/S. The cylinder head looks new. The head clearance has been set at .012. This engine has the 2 piece case. Frank also wants $400 for the Gold Head.

No PMs.

My PayPal account isn't set up to accept payments. So, payment can be by personal check(I would need to wait till the check clears before shipping) or money order/bank check. Yeah, I know that's so old school. But, I'm an old retired school teacher.



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