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Parts For Sale K&B 7.5 Mod Outboard


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Jerry Dunlap

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Apr 1, 2002
This is the second of a couple of things I will be selling for a model boating friend dealing with serious health issues. The income from this sale will be given to his wife.
I completely disassembled this K&B 7.5. Here are my observations:
1. The burn pattern on the top of the cylinder and head showed no signs of detonation. Photos of the burn pattern for the top of the cylinder is included I used 600 wet/dry and WD 40 to remove the burn pattern. There is no pitting on either top of cylinder of head.
2. There is no scoring marks on the cylinder and inside of the sleeve.
3. The crank has been modified to increase performance
4. The outside of the sleeve has been cut to to increase fuel flow.
5. It has a 707 cavitation plate.
6. Although not shown in the picture of the motor, a motor mount rod and prop nut are included. 2 additional flex cable are included as well.
7. The deck clearance is .010 - .011. There is no head shim.
8. With the glow plug removed, the engine spun easily.
9. Not sure about the make of the tune pipe, but Mike Hughes thinks it is a Hopper and it has a muffler.
The price is $250 including shipping in the U.S. Check or money order.


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