It's begun, the House of Representative's January 6th Fiasco has started


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Steve White

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Dec 11, 2020
What IS RELEVANT is that:
  1. Nancy Pelosi refused to accept any of the minority leader's picks for the committee
  2. Nancy Pelosi has made herself "untouchable" by the committee, meaning she can't even be called to testify about the National Guard
  3. The entire so called "hearing" is being orchestrated by a former executive from ABC, a known DNC supporting organization, and everything being said by the committee members is being read from a teleprompter and is, therefore, no better than the propaganda Joseph Goebbels came up with for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

Hydro Junkie

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Oct 2, 2006
Gotta love Pelosi on this one. Abortion is a "Constitutional Right"? It was never written into the Constitution SO IT'S NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT". Any first year law student would know that, but apparently not Nancy Pelosi
I will agree with her on one thing, it's a matter to be discussed between doctor and patient but I can't agree on more than that
All that the decision has done is move the say to the state legislatures where the people of a state have a say in what is and what isn't going to be legal. Nancy Pelosi is full of crap on just about everything else she said