Is a K&B 7.5 (45) too much engine for a Prather Deep Vee 30"?

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Feb 3, 2003
push that engine as far as it can go ,,,with an extended strut from speedmaster and .40 size tabs and fins RUN IT !!
i ran a .67 k&b in a prather 40 years ago -- tough boat handled "ok" for bashing ,i wouldnt race with other traffic
fun fun FUN!!
stock k&b prob puts out same torque as a full blown nova cmb on 70% ,,pfft not much. u wont even get the rr's
wanna reduce torque effect ? lighten the flywheel

i like reading posts like this. makes me want to pry my near 50y.o tired ass out and get running nitro again. thing for me is getting nitro here started pushing the $100/gal mark. im sure with the new "covid taxes" (just like after 911) cost after gettin my nitro off the dock WILL be $100+/gal .

off topic but i wouldnt mind seeing an OUTLAW forum on here . just for boats with engines that have no right being in there lol

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