In need of a small metal lathe.


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Jan 2, 2006

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Oct 2, 2006
Bill, I have the same lathe as you linked as well. My only complaint is I would like the 17" bed instead of the 8".
As for the mill you linked, that one is set up for stepper motors so it would need some additional parts to make it usable


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Jul 1, 2008
keep your eye out on Craigs list for a South Bend 9".
Thy show up from time to time cheep. I picked one up for $350.
Now it did need a few attachments to do every thing I wanted.
The nice thing is you can get any of the used parts needed on Ebay to repair it and make it your own like this little gem.
Genuine South Bend Lathe CE301B Toolpost Grinder 9 10 13 Southbend Lathes | eBay
look at this search and you will see how much is available for this lath.
Any part or attachment you will ever need available any time at a good price.
You can even look up the ser# to see when it was made and who might of used it first.
The one I had was off a 1952 destroyers tool room on the ship.
It is hobby all in its own ....not just a tool............................
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