Electric power for 60" cat?

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Chris Kurtz

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Nov 15, 2020
I was wondering what a good option for going to electric would be for a single motor replacement of a 30cc gas engine in a 60" Cat hull?
I've been looking at the Leopard and SSS 5690 to 56110 size motors in the 700 KV range for 12s.
For esc's, Swordfish, Flier, Hobbywing, ZTW, in the 200 to 300a range.
Would like to hear what you all are running for motors, esc, props, and battery setups or any tips and info at all.
Would like to stick with 12s to hopefully utilize my heli packs that I already have in the 5000mAh range.
Would four 5000mAh packs arranged in a way to get me 12s be good for a decent run time?
Most of the videos and threads I've found are guy's running twin motors and would like to stick with a single to use the existing hardware that is in the boat right now.


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Apr 27, 2007
A TP5680 10D 600kV would allow you to run 12S2P with reasonable amperage levels that a SF300+ ESC could handle and you could run gas size props around 18-20kRPM. In a 2P configuration with 10,000mAh most batteries will be fine with 30C or better discharge ratings. You should get several minutes of run time depending on duty cycle. 1/4 cable would be a must.

You can find all of those parts listed on Offshore Electrics.

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