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Oct 5, 2014
Ok, I have to say this. One man is making this club great! We have a great pond, no doubt. No offense to the Blazers, they have done a great wonderful job keeping this club going over the years. As was stated today, new blood and new ideas are/were needed.

Mario Johnston... My friend, my brother....

mario (2).jpg

Today, we had a club meeting and nearly 30 members showed up. It felt like a race event, not a club meeting. 2 new members joined up today, 1 didn't make it or it would have been 3. Sorry, forgot your names, but one gent came from Tennessee and another from Michigan. What? Yeah, Mario and his work on posting / updating the CMBC Facebook page on a regular basis helped do this. Think maybe, I need to join FB just for his weekly updates. Since Mario took over the media updates, our club has doubled to nearly tripled in size.

BTW: Besides creating fast boats, taking great pics and giving them out for free, he is a great Tattoo artist. He is the first to put ink on my skin. Most likely, the only one to put ink on me..

Love ya man.....


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Jan 6, 2016
Definitely agree with you Mark. Big “Props” to Mario and all he does. Case in point, not long after a near disaster with his new Slingshot rigger, he was over helping a newer boater with his new Lauterbach, lending props, making adjustments, etc... I think many would have been a bit unnerved after watching their boat take on a mind of its own and run tight circles progressively closer to the shore. Miraculously the boat quit and suffered no damage at all. The battery had pulled out of the switch. It definitely was a tense moment for everyone watching, but he shook it off and moved on to helping others. Happy to be a member of the club once again with this great group of guys!

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