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Parts For Sale 67/80 AA Tuned Pipes, Springs, 3.5 Header, Exhaust Coupler Tubing


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Jul 3, 2007
Price listed per 67/80 AA pipe/header at $55.00, Pipe Springs $11.00, 3.5cc Mac/CMB Header $10.00, Octura Exhaust Couplers $3.00, Hyperformance Couplers $4.00, & Misc Exhaust Material $15.00.

Items requested plus shipping cost. If paying by Paypal as ff or fees. I accept M.O. for payment. Please only respond to this post, no PM unless payment arrangements and shipping location is needed.
EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD. I plan on shipping all the parts out to all buyers today on 4/9/22 Thank you, Brad

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