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Parts For Sale 3.5cc K&B Lower Modified & Lower Misc K&B Parts


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Jul 3, 2007
As outlined is a 3.5cc K&B Lower end that is cut out to accommodate a 3.5 motor with a pipe. The stub shaft is rusted to the cable and is likely only usable until the shaft snaps in half. The other two 3.5 shafts are in decent condition including the new nylon stuffing tube. In the lower left is a mounting block for the 3.5 application.

On the lower right is a 3.5 Tiller. The Qt.-2 Tiller arms to the middle & upper right are for 7.5cc motors. The middle 7.5cc Tiller arm has been repaired.

Price for all the 3.5cc K&B Lower end & parts is $30.00 plus shipping. If the Qt.-2 7.5 Tillers are requested that will be $5.00 plus shipping.

If paying by Paypal do as ff or pay fees. Let me know if you are doing a M.O.


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