2020 Florida FE Sunshinenationals March 7-8,2020 - Brandon FL (info)

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HTV Boats

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Nov 8, 2006
New Name more glory. This is a drivers event, awards will be minimal 1-3 + B &C Main winners. Low entry fee's with a large prize raffle from sponsor donations going back to the contestants only in a random drawing. I will start a separate thread with sponsors and prizes listed.

Pit setup and open water Friday Mar 6th. Saturday Mar 7th 2 rounds of racing. Sunday Mar 8th a 3rd round for all boats then a 4th championship round for classes of 8 or more entries. 1-6 for the main podium, and a "B" main for 7-12 consolation (classes of 15 or more entries). Over 30 boats in a class will have a "C" consolation heat. You race with the people at your level.

200 boat limit - 4 boats to make a class. (Bear in mind many classes will not make the 4 boat minimum)
Registration should be open 12/3/19 closing 2/24/20 on https://www.rcracingevents.com/cgi-bin/browseraces.pl

P/limited 36X60mm motors
P/l Mono
P/l Catamamran
P/l Hydro
P/l OB Tunnel
P/l Sport Hydro
P/l Offshore (long course TBD)
P Mono
P Catamaran (combined with P mono if less than 4 boats)
P Sport Hydro (combined with P hydro if less than 4 boats)
P Hydro
Q Mono
Q Cat (combined if less than 4 Boats)
1/10th Scale Hydro
Open Hydro - Sport hydro
Open Non Hydro (Cat-Mono-Tunnel
Local classes:
P Jersey Skiff (40.99-75.99mm motor limit)
Q/limited Cat-Mono-Tunnel: single 40.99 X 75.99mm motor limit. No length restriction, 4-6S
3S29 Hydro - 3 cell 29mm single motor no length restriction motor or hull.
A lot of class choices for everyone and will see what makes the cut.
Mic Halbrehder Race Chairman


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Jun 30, 2007
Can’t wait mic. Hopefully I’ll have a few new boats to run

HTV Boats

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Nov 8, 2006
Just shy of 100 boats and I know of at least 30 yet to sign up. On Monday the 10th I will make the class schedule out for Saturday and Sunday classes. I will try to even the days out and separate classes that either use the same batteries or where a motor swap allows use of the same hull for two different classes. I also know a few who can only make one day.

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