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  1. CokeaColaGuy

    2022 Glow Plugs4 standard plugs at $4.00

    Hi Al, I would like 30, R6 glow plugs
  2. CokeaColaGuy

    2022 Glow Plugs4 standard plugs at $4.00

    Hi Al , can I get 20 R6 standard plugs thanks
  3. CokeaColaGuy

    More props for sale No PM's

    Walt looking for 2315-19-38/2 blade Will take two if you have them Thanks
  4. CokeaColaGuy

    CMB HR67

    Pat I will take it Thanks. I am headed to the tri cities race this weekend Ars you going
  5. CokeaColaGuy

    So where do we go now?

    Hydro Junky, this is Jim P. I am the new registrar for UNW . My responsibility will include running all the races this year. I would love to have your help, it is a lot of work and commitment and welcome to shear my knowledge with anyone willing to help out please contact me .
  6. CokeaColaGuy

    Remote needles

    Sounds good. Sent you my info
  7. CokeaColaGuy

    Remote needles

    Danny , would you take $50 for the two k needles ?
  8. CokeaColaGuy

    Schumacher U-88/U-37

    Well said Nicholis , you work looks to be very hi quality. I look forward to watching your progress with this project. More people building boats the better.
  9. CokeaColaGuy

    North West Scale Race in October

    Nitro heat from Sunday
  10. CokeaColaGuy

    North West Scale Race in October

    Took a video of one of the nitro heats on Sunday.
  11. CokeaColaGuy

    Nice scale race video

  12. CokeaColaGuy

    Nitro Fuel For Sale

    David, I will take the 60 %, Adam or I will be there to pick it up, thanks Jim P.
  13. CokeaColaGuy

    Gas Scale Racing in the Pacfic Northwest

    Marty, did you post the pictures you took at the N.W.S.C. race of each person holding their boats ?
  14. CokeaColaGuy

    New Gas Scale Record

    My son Adam set the new records at, Scale: 23.63 Sport 60 : 23.59
  15. CokeaColaGuy

    Scale and Thunder Boat Graphics

    Mike sorry to hear about your hassles. Your graphics far exceed any other graphic suppliers I've used in my area. I highly recommend your stuff to everyone I talk to and I consider your product to be an extreme value at a quality that can't be matched . Thanks!
  16. CokeaColaGuy

    Paint codes for 2012 Qatar

    Got it thanks.
  17. CokeaColaGuy

    Paint codes for 2012 Qatar

    Looking for the codes for the 2012 Qatars paint. Thanks for the help!
  18. CokeaColaGuy

    Comment by 'CokeaColaGuy' in media 'New Lincoln hull'

    Any idea what the boat will weigh ready to run. Looks nice!
  19. CokeaColaGuy

    Racing Motivation

    I was watching old racing video and come across what I thought was one of the best final heat races I've seen in a long. This race is from U.N.W scale club in Wash. State. Both drivers are two of the best young drivers in the club.
  20. CokeaColaGuy

    Comment by 'CokeaColaGuy' in media '2012RCUBillMuncey1872'

    we meet again :-) that was a fun 2 laps see you saturday