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  1. J

    2022 Glow Plugs4 standard plugs at $4.00

    Good evening sir! Could I please get 10 - r4 and 10 - r6 plugs?
  2. J

    Huber Wine Run August 3rd

    Lena Carlton - B Sport Tunnel, SS Mono Milo Carlton - LSG Cat, Sport 40 Jesse Carlton - Thunderboat, Sport 20
  3. J

    Props For Sale octura props for sale

    I'll take the x457 (1), x455, x440/3 (1), x460 and x442. thanks. Shipping to 46530
  4. J

    Boats For Sale Plans for sale

    I’ll build it even if kids don’t…lol. How about we split the difference and go $65 shipped for both the plans sir?
  5. J

    Boats For Sale Plans for sale

    Jerry - possibly sir. If possible, could you post/pm me a pic of the two plans...i'm seeing round nose, chisel nose and pickle designs when googling those boats. hoping to build some more boats with the kids, but want to make sure they are on board with the designs. let me know your thoughts
  6. J

    Boats For Sale Plans for sale

    Thanks Jerry. I'm assuming these are full-size sheet plans for both the Sport 40 and the 1/8 scale. Would you take $60 shipped for the plans?
  7. J

    Boats For Sale Plans for sale

    Jerry - what 1/8 scale hull would be built from these plans?
  8. J

    FUTABA Transmitter Pack SALE

    Are the lipos 3s/11.1v? Any pics yet?
  9. J

    LiFe flat pack SALE !!!!

    Payment sent, PM sent
  10. J

    LiFe flat pack SALE !!!!

    Daniel - I’ll take 3 packs as well if you have any more. Lmk and thanks
  11. J

    Sold K&B outboard parts

    I'll take them sir - please let me know your preferred payment method. Thanks!
  12. J

    2023 Indy Masters

    For clarification - first post says Indy Masters race on Sept 9-10,with open water the 8th 2023. registration site: Open water on Thursday September 9th and racing Friday September 8th through Sunday September 10th Could you confirm the actual open water days and race days? thanks!
  13. J

    2023 IMPBA Gas Nats | June 1-4 | Huntsville, AL

    Mmm….seems that you can register for classes and pay already
  14. J

    Celina Summer Challenge 2023

    Thank you for the clarification, much appreciated
  15. J

    Celina Summer Challenge 2023

    On the FE scale rules….will impba motors legal be permitted (specifically the leopard 4092, 930kv)? Or will local rules dictate otherwise? Thanks
  16. J

    Stryker-F-41 Cat?

    You normally have to cut a hole for the plug. Wally - how much for a Paris cowl? My son is redoing his f41 this winter.
  17. J

    Prayers for a fellow boater ONE STINT!!!!!

    Brad - your big buddy Milo (and the rest of the Carlton's) wish you a speedy recovery!!