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  1. J

    K21 News Update

    Thanks for the reply. Was not sure if mine was a fluke or not. The motor does look nice!
  2. J

    K21 News Update

    Need to check collets also mine is a .150
  3. J

    Tuned pipe pressure fittings!

    Stumpfab has them.
  4. J

    Parts For Sale Sport Hydro Turn Finz

    Got my fin yesterday! Looks nice>
  5. J

    Parts For Sale Sport Hydro Turn Finz

    I would like a sport 40 fin and bracket. Let me know when you want to be paid.
  6. J

    Parts Wanted .67 MAC CARBs

    Tom pm me your address. I'll send you the case and crank. I'm never going to use it. Thanks for looking for the carb.
  7. J

    7.5 Conversion

    That looks nice. What header are you using? I'm Interested in it if Greg doesn't want it.
  8. J

    7.5 Conversion

    Joern, Does this fit the new CMB gold head evo?
  9. J

    Parts Wanted .67 MAC CARBs

    Yes sir! I could do that. It’s got a good crank in it also.
  10. J

    Parts Wanted .67 MAC CARBs

    Looking for a .510 MAC .67 carb. Thanks, Jeff W
  11. J

    7.5 Conversion

    That stinks . We also made one back in the day using a airplane engine mount. We went up to Graves Hobbies and found one that fit the width of the engine. Then we mounted the motor on it backwards and used a square drive collet nut. Ran the screws to the lower up from the bottom side of the...
  12. J

    7.5 Conversion

    Lawless made one several years ago. Call them and see if they still do.
  13. J

    Parts For Sale Speedmaster, SAVOX and Zipp list

    I will take the servos. Let me know how you want payment.
  14. J

    2024 Nitro Winter Championships

    If your case is trashed. I have one you can have Tom.
  15. J

    ABC props

    Walt I am looking for some nitro props: 1914-15-60 (3 blade) CLL (x2) 2317-19-38 (2blade) CLL (x2)
  16. J

    Boats For Sale 40 SST rigger for sale

    Are you interested in trading? {new nova 46 dd + a little cash}
  17. J

    Boats Wanted LOOKING FOR UNBUILT JAE 45 KIT, or even a 21 kit found what i need, thank you

    I have one. Never unwrapped from plastic stored inside. I will get you some pics. this afternoon.
  18. J

    T Shirts for 2024 Nitro Winter Championships

    1 XL . I will be entering the race soon.