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  1. gilbert galli

    After-run Oil

    I don't know if it is available in the USA, I use Motul special 2-stroke micromotor oil, it is miscible methanol fuel and does not degrade the silicone ramp crankshafts of the engines being equipped with
  2. gilbert galli

    FASST R617fs

    i have T10 CGH native 2.4ghz
  3. gilbert galli

    FASST R617fs

    I tested the fr sky TFR 6A , it works very well in a plane or a car but in a boat the range is only around 80 meters, the spray water disrupts the reception et lthe failsafe comes into action, I had removed one of the two antenna on top of the boat, with a futaba 6106 hfc with only one antenna...
  4. gilbert galli

    Best available 20 hydro engine?

    the OS 21 speed engine track has similar performances to a Novarossi 35+21 but with better reliability, the crankshaft with DLC coating is indestructible, but the engine without modifications is made to operate 25% nitro fuel, the latest model 21 marine 05 requires a very long break-in to avoid...
  5. gilbert galli

    Wtb ABC 2617

    Bob, paypal payment sent
  6. gilbert galli

    Wtb ABC 2617

    Bob, Bob, total 98,60 $ send me paypal info thanks
  7. gilbert galli

    Wtb ABC 2617

    ok Bob, I'il take one propeller, what is the price with shipping costs to France
  8. gilbert galli

    Wtb ABC 2617

    Bob, what is the price for 2 raw propellers 26/17 2 with shipping to France, i prefer usps shipped, I pay by paypal
  9. gilbert galli

    Wtb ABC 2617

    I just saw your answer, you must be mistaken, it's totally wrong, I have never bought propellers from you, for example, look at my evaluations on ebay
  10. gilbert galli

    Switch failures
  11. gilbert galli

    limited number of 19* and 23* in stock

    Chris, have you ABC 2617/2 19-38 Thanks
  12. gilbert galli

    My new R-42 Cat

    a friend had built an R42 with the strut behind the transom and then under the boat, the assembly inside is much better. assembly link at bottom of page
  13. gilbert galli


    from my experience, CNC propellers with a boat mono 91 and gas mono all break, with large electric boats lipo 12s they also break
  14. gilbert galli

    Parts Wanted Rocket City Ball Links

    for me, the best ball linkage are rc helicopter align or sab goblin, type 500 600 or 700 are very excellent
  15. gilbert galli

    Wtb ABC 2617

    Wanted ABC prop 2617/2 19-38 Raw or S&B shipped to France
  16. gilbert galli

    Look for ABC H2 prop.

    H2 is a great prop for 20 eagle hydro with 25% low nitro fuel
  17. gilbert galli

    LIFE batt max cell voltage difference.

    I have 5 boats and a buggy equipped with life at the reception and also at the transmitter 3s and that is exactly what Daniel describes
  18. gilbert galli

    90 Hydro with Picco XP

    Hello Petr, yes Michel is 84 years old and his physical condition does not allow him to practice the rc boat, he has sold or given away all his boats Best regards Gilbert
  19. gilbert galli

    90 Hydro with Picco XP

    Thanks Mark, i use a fuel with only 16% nitro (européen restrictions) my friend also gave me a gift similar twin with 2 picco p90, I restored the engines with a good cleaning and only the change conrod needles, I would do the restoration and modification of the boat later
  20. gilbert galli

    90 Hydro with Picco XP

    the friend who gave me the boat is going to give me an octura 1667 prepared by Bob Austin