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    2023 Indy Masters

    Thanks to all who participated and all who donated prizes for the raffle and all who help out really great race and thanks to Bruce for making it all happen
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    Looking for Jim Shipp

    Walt this is Tim Shipp on the tank you thought it would be $72.00 so I sent $75.00 the bill is for $78.00 so I will send you $5.00 more and thank you tank looks great
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    Sold SOLD!!67 Crapshooter For Sale

    How much for shipping to the US
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    Celina Summer Challenge 2023

    I would like to enter D hydro 1/8scale and sport 40 any openings
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    Prayers for the Maglinger family

    Sorry for your loss Brad, Curtis and family
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    Hi-Jack Outboard Motor Mounts

    Hi I need one mount blue for os 3.5 if avalible
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    Props Wanted Props

    Also need 2 abc2217
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    Props Wanted Props

    I'm looking for a ABC M57X73 I will take 2 if any body will part with them
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    Tunnel Hull set up boards

    Recieved mine today very nice thank you
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    Tunnel Hull set up boards

    Timothy Shipp 6866 East Heatherwood Lane Camby Indiana 46113 Give me the total and I will send pay pal
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    Tunnel Hull set up boards

    Do you have any left
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    page 3 ABC props

    Let me know thanks
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    page 3 ABC props

    Walt looking for two prop abc M 57-73 and a abc 2217 19-38 if you have them I will take 2 of each thanks
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    Tanks 2 U

    Walt looking for props abc M 57-73 and abc 2217 -38-19 I'll take two of each if you have them
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    Sold New CMB Carbs and remote needles

    Brian I'm looking for boom tubs for a Crapshooter 45 got you name from Stu you have any