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  1. RaceMechaniX

    Pushrod Seal Kits

    Offshore electric has different sizes available too.
  2. RaceMechaniX

    Parts Wanted Looking for head shims for Beta .21

    Just an FYI, McMaster can produce custom shims. It's about $60 for a pack of 16 shims in a specific thickness. Perhaps not economical for an individual unless you are Joe Warren, but a group buy could spread the costs of several thicknesses...
  3. RaceMechaniX

    ML 1/10th Scale Newton 164/ MHR 9401 Kit

    I would agree with Mike on using a 3 blade prop to begin with, usually an Octura X series is the most forgiving. I usually would recommend a X440/3 to begin with and step up a X447/3. The new Tenshock 2240 motors have double the power of the older AQ motors. Log your data from the Castle...
  4. RaceMechaniX

    Parts Wanted Wtb CMB backplate gaskets

    To second what Don mentioned I have done the same and used some anaerobic gasket sealer from Loctite.
  5. RaceMechaniX

    JAE 33 FE Z-Strut doin’ the twist

    Probably best to just put the right side bracket on there. Switching to a SpeedMaster flat bottom hydro strut will only help if you run both brackets. The brackets are also considerably wider which likely means it will interfere with your rudder pushrod and some notching will be required...
  6. RaceMechaniX

    Rattle can nitro proof clear
  7. RaceMechaniX

    Rattle can nitro proof clear

    Spraymax 2K clear off Amazon. 1 can for small boats, 2 cans for larger boats.
  8. RaceMechaniX

    help seducer with nue

    A 1521/1.5D should be spinning a X447/3, X450/3, X452, X455. As Mic said that is the P class mono.
  9. RaceMechaniX

    Sold CMB 101RS

    Selling a spare 101RS that is setup for 45% nitro that I no longer need. Many gallons have been run through the motor. Has a little pinch left but seals nicely with a plug in the head. Carb is brand new and comes with the original 3rd channel needle, AM round collet and box. It’s ready...
  10. RaceMechaniX

    Parts For Sale CMB 91RS M-line with extra stuff

    Hello Joern, I am just heading to Europe for the week so i will need to check when I return next Sunday. Yes I would consider trading 2 sets for 2 engines.
  11. RaceMechaniX

    Parts For Sale CMB 91RS M-line with extra stuff

    I have a couple of options: Mitutoyo 568-976-10 SMB -0.5 CSR .275-0.5" (6.985-12.7mm) Borematic Mitutoyo 568-977-10 SMB -1" CST 0.5-1.0" (12.7-25.4mm) Borematic Mitutoyo 468-263 HTD-0.5"R .425-0.5" (10.795-12.70mm) Digimatic Holetest Mitutoyo 468-971 HTD-12RST 6-12mm Digimatic holetest These...
  12. RaceMechaniX

    Parts For Sale CMB 91RS M-line with extra stuff

    What kind of measurement tools are you looking for Joern? Calipers, mics, bore mics?
  13. RaceMechaniX

    Difference Between a Tuned pipe, and a Hot Pipe

    The "hot pipe" was a nickname for the Quickdraw tuned pipe they sold with their engines. It has since become one of the best pipes for gas motors. Compared to other early gas pipes, the QD pipe was produced in steel compared to aluminum.
  14. RaceMechaniX

    Safety shutoff.

    I don't like them! There are a pain to configure especially in a 2P boat. They add extra wire. They add resistance and another failure point. What you have pictured might work for a 75A setup, but try that on a 350A setup with twin batteries.
  15. RaceMechaniX

    OS 46 VR (M or F)

    Understood James, I do not have many spare parts for it. I am running mine in a 20 year old Road Runner clone which is well paired for the power of the OS. -Tyler
  16. RaceMechaniX

    OS 46 VR (M or F)

    James, what are you looking to spend on one of these motors? Mine is in great shape for a lightly used motor and I would consider selling it.
  17. RaceMechaniX

    Found Fuel tanks needed

    There is also John Seltzer.
  18. RaceMechaniX

    OS 46 VR (M or F)

    This is the one you are after? Or this style which I believe is the VX-M: