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  1. Nigtmare

    Parts Wanted Wtb .45 OPS Pipe

    If you are going to use it on a 45 engine you should be looking for the ops 67 pipe it works better then 45
  2. Nigtmare

    Lord rubber isolators

    check Harley davidson dealers they have them
  3. Nigtmare


    Merry Christmas Allan and all
  4. Nigtmare

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  5. Nigtmare

    ASA bed adhesion issues.

    set the bed temp around 50/60 and the outline direction inside out. First layer speed at 50 so you don't create alot of heat on the print, thats what usually pulls the corners up and try with just tape
  6. Nigtmare

    ASA bed adhesion issues.

    maybe glue stick over blue tape or hairspray over tape. I've never had problems printing with ASA
  7. Nigtmare

    ASA bed adhesion issues.

    did you tried painters blue tape
  8. Nigtmare

    Parts Wanted ZOOM Carbs

    if you have more then one picco 45 I will take one. Thanks
  9. Nigtmare

    Canada's next Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre.

    8 years ago "Truedope" sounded alot like Pierre sounds like today. I just hope he has nothing to do with the WEF or we're going to be in deep trouble
  10. Nigtmare

    Marg Hallam. RIP

    I'm so sorry for your loss Mike. I will never forget all the races you and you family hosted and the great times we had. My deepest condolences to you and family my friend. RIP Marg
  11. Nigtmare

    Asking for a moment of your time....

    Sorry for your loss, my condolences and prayers
  12. Nigtmare

    PETG in 3D Printing

    I print PETG at 242/82 on clean glass it prints great. clean glass with vinegar
  13. Nigtmare

    Rod Geraghty Had a Stroke

    Rest in peace Rod, prayers to the family
  14. Nigtmare

    New Arrive Boat

    I love your boat Allan (Y)
  15. Nigtmare

    Some parts I made.

    try the heat I put above and clean glass for petg it works
  16. Nigtmare

    so who is getting one of this :P

    yes metal 3d printer. its 200,000 usd
  17. Nigtmare

    so who is getting one of this :P
  18. Nigtmare

    Some parts I made.

    with PETG you need temps of 246 and 86 on the bed. On glass clean with alcohol
  19. Nigtmare

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all
  20. Nigtmare

    Boats For Sale Chris Doherty scam

    maybe his for sell post should be taking down or locked so we don't have more victims