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    Looking For A Couple Of Old Irwin S-Pipes?

    Boaters, Need two old Jim Irwin 21-S-Pipes if anyone has any laying around in an old box of pipes. Thanks, Mark Sholund 231-590-3023 email:
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    I just made more prop boxes if anyone is interested?

    Boaters if anyone is looking for a nice prop box I just made a four more. If you combine it with an order I will reduce the pricing on them. Thanks For Looking, Mark Sholund 231-590-3023
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    Happy Birthday Jerry Dunlap

    Jerry, I hope you are out testing this morning, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday when you get home. Enjoy, Mark Sholund
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    Happy Birthday John Beardslee

    John, I Hope your twin is ready for the Birthday Party in Flint tomorrow morning? No cake tonight just a nice apple pie with no candles. See you around 9 PM. Mark Sholund
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    Looking For An Andy Brown 21-Parabolic Pipe?

    Boaters, Anybody have any older Andy Brown 21-Parabolic Pipes collecting dust? I would like to try one on a new Novarossi-21-DD? Thanks in advance. Let Me Know What You Have? Mark Sholund 231-590-3023 Email is: If you have any pictures you can text them also.
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    Tom David

    Tom, I Hope you are having a good one. Enjoy that retirement. Mark Sholund
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    Happy Birthday Don and Andy

    Happy Birthday to a couple of Great Boaters. Enjoy The Day Don and Andy, Mark Sholund
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    Anyone have contact information for Alfonso Runco?

    Fons, I got it. It has shipped. Thanks, Mark Sholund
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    Happy Birthday Bob Bonahoom

    Bob, I hope you are staying warm still? We are waiting for the lakes to thaw out, still have too much ice to test our new 12-Hydros. Oh Yeah, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy The Day, Mark Sholund
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    New ABC Propeller Dealer Zipp Kits

    Boaters, Joe is now an ABC Propeller Dealer if you need some raw In the bag propellers. Great news Joe! A good selection of great propellers. Joe told me he sold 80+ propellers in one day. Thanks For Reading, Mark Sholund
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    Looking For Dan Koker

    Good Morning Boaters, Dan Koker did my web site design for me and I cannot contact him anymore? His email and cell phone number have changed. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Dan Koker please give me a call? 231-590-3023 I believe he still works for Ford Motor Company? Any Help...
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    Any Speedweek Updates?

    Glenn, Wondering how Donna's boat is running? John and I will be coming up tomorrow. Thanks, Mark Sholund
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    Propellers Shipped Out For Charleston

    Dick Loeb and Al Hobbs, Your orders have been shipped today so you will have those propellers in time before the race in Charleston. I will be out of the shop for the next eight days on vacation. Heading out East for a little color tour, good food, and a second honeymoon with my lovely wife...
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    Eric Canto Happy 48th

    Eric, I hope you have a great day playing with the family on the water somewhere, or go fishing and have some fun in the Allison. Enjoy The Day, Mark Sholund
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    Happy Birthday David Murany

    David, Happy Birthday !!! I hope you go golfing or get your boats ready for this Sunday? Enjoy The Day, Mark Sholund
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    Anyone Ever Make Cooper Tuned Pipes?

    Boaters, Just throwing this out there? Has anyone ever made tuned pipes out of copper pipe before? Instead of steel or aluminum? Wondering if it work work as well or not? Thinking Out Loud, Mark Sholund
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    Need Kevin Morris address please

    Kevin, I do not have your shipping address? Order is done and ready to ship today. Order has shipped. Thanks For Your Patience Kevin, Mark Sholund
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    Happy Birthday Rene

    Rene, Happy Birthday Big Fella? I Hope the Betke 45-Hydro is almost done? Enjoy A Few of Those German Brewhas !!! Have A Good Weekend Testing, Mark Sholund
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    Happy Birthday Andy, Don, and Marty

    Fellas, I hope you are all enjoying your birthday days today. Mark Sholund
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    Steve Ball Happy Birthday

    Steve, I hope you are having a good one? Enjoy, Mark Sholund