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  1. GraysonTaylor

    Adding a gallery picture to a post?

    I couldn't figure out how to insert a gallery picture into a post. Is that possible?
  2. GraysonTaylor

    '91 Valvoline Miss Madison update

    I finally got around to added a few pictures to my album 91 Valvoline This is my first build in 25 years and my first scale so it is what it is. Getting the bend on the center tub at the nose was kind of interesting. No idea how others accomplish this. This is an ML kit, not an extreme kit...
  3. GraysonTaylor

    Stainless tanks

    Do stainless tanks ever go bad? I have a nice one from one of the makers here and it looks like it could last forever. I know that many are going to say "Don't! ", but I'm tempted to build the tank into my wood 1/8th scale. Instead of trashing the idea, I would like to know if you had to...
  4. GraysonTaylor

    Thick Epoxy

    Way back, Hobbypoxy made a thick jelly like epoxy that came in cans. Anything out there these days that's simular? "Fixit" is a clay like epoxy that is good but I just wanted options. I'm not a fan of Micro Balloons unless gravity is on my side.
  5. GraysonTaylor

    Driveline help

    I'm working on a 1/8 scale '91 Miss Madison ML Kit. I was looking at my Speedmaster strut upside down in the boat to see where I needed to reinforce the bottom and got to thinking, this ain't going to work. The Speedmaster setup wants the stuffing tube to go all the way through the strut. Since...
  6. GraysonTaylor

    West Systems pumps

    I'm thinking about switching to West Systems epoxy and the pumps seem to be great. My garage can go from 47 to 85 degrees. Seems to me like those pumps would drip when the weather gets warm. I'm the kinda guy that may forget that I even have epoxy for six months. That could really mess up a...
  7. GraysonTaylor

    Cutting Sheeting

    What's your favorite tool for cutting sheeting? The table saw was great for the bottom, but what about the curves? I have a bandsaw, but the tooth count is normal band saw size and too course for thin sheet material, although I haven't tried it. In the old days, I labored with a large Exacto.
  8. GraysonTaylor

    WTB OPS 67 0 degree header

    Looking for a zero degree header for an OPS Blue head. I sent Andy the same request a couple of seconds ago. ..
  9. GraysonTaylor

    91 Valvoline Madison help

    I went ahead and purchased plans for my 91 Valvoline Madison build. The framing view shows the transom angled up and back while the graphic view shows it up and forward. One of these isn't right. Anyone know wich one to use?
  10. GraysonTaylor

    Cowl trimming

    I have an RC Boat Co. Cowl that needs the window cut out. What's the best tool or bit to do this?
  11. GraysonTaylor

    Retrieval Boat

    Are there any NAMBA rules against inflatable retrieval boats? I know that a life jacket is required.
  12. GraysonTaylor

    Custom Tank Saved the boat

    I was stalled on my Dumas PnP 20 because a 4 oz Sullivan tank wasn't going to more than a couple of laps. I was frustrated and ready to send John Steltzer my boat to see what he could come up with. I had me send him some pics and measurements. One of the pics I sent had a cardboard footprint...
  13. GraysonTaylor

    Sport Rules

    What's the history of having to conceal the exhaust? Seems to me that the original sport class was to limit the setup to manufactures exhaust like an airplane exhaust. Anyone know how hidden pipes became the rule?
  14. GraysonTaylor

    Speedmaster strut help

    Where should the flanged end of the bushing be? Hanging out the back or flush with the strut? Somewhere in between? Thanx guys.
  15. GraysonTaylor

    Collet help needed

    I've been having a hard time getting a hold of Aeromarine to ID a collet. Their website lists collets by motor type. NR 21 is not on the list. I have an Octura that fits the NR 21 and has a .343" shoulder on it. My question is what older 21 motors had the same shoulder? I'm pretty sure Octura...
  16. GraysonTaylor

    A Step in the Right Direction

    Motors 101. I think I'm ready to pass with a good grade!
  17. GraysonTaylor

    OPS .67 straight header

    Where can I find an OPS 67 straight header? It's a couple of years old with a blue head. Thinking about 1/8th scale hydro.
  18. GraysonTaylor

    Newton plans

    I've wanted to build one of Mike's 1/8th scales for a long time now and I was wondering if the 75$ was worth it for the Newton plans?
  19. GraysonTaylor

    NR quit pipe support bracket

    I'm not coming up with a good way to support the end of my NR quit pipe. A pushrod with fuel line around it bent around the pipe is the only thing that I have come up with. There is no traditional stinger so normal pipe mounts don't work. Anyone found a better way to support a pipe that doesn't...
  20. GraysonTaylor

    Spreading the word

    I got a link to the AMA site to let your congressmen know you are in support of model aviation. It's up for vote next month. It's quick and easy and I can't believe flying model airplanes could ever be illegal. Even if you don't fly, please support model airplanes! Sorry if this post is off...