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  1. GraysonTaylor

    Adding a gallery picture to a post?

    I couldn't figure out how to insert a gallery picture into a post. Is that possible?
  2. GraysonTaylor

    '91 Valvoline Miss Madison update

    Added a few more. Text in the album. Deck tip. Cowl fitting
  3. 20200622_193914_002.jpg


    Cowl fit is looking close. The profile of the deck tip. The double chin is interesting. No idea if that's good or bad. 1/2 " radius on top of a 1/4 r. I need to eat up 3/4" to keep the bottom angle scale. And ya, I know it looks like a feature......
  4. 20200520_172601.jpg


    The glue came up the sides of the cowl. Wasn't expecting that. I actually like the fact I got to have a bit extra glue on the outside to shape. I would do it this way again. That's low tack vinyl tape from Ace.
  5. 20200520_172125.jpg


    Getting ready to glue the cowl to the nose block. JB weld because its thick and I had it on hand. Somebody said nobody ends up adding weight to the rear of their boat.
  6. 20200608_182443.jpg


    How to hold your boat wrong side up with the cowl on it? Worked enough to sand the nose block.
  7. 20200619_180425.jpg


    2oz. fiberglass after the one layer of 3K twill.
  8. 20200617_171849.jpg


    So far so good.
  9. 20200615_170852.jpg


    Never worked with carbon cloth before. Stiff. No bagging either, out of money and space....
  10. 20200611_175155.jpg


    Thanks for the Wixley recommendation Scott!
  11. 20200516_184137.jpg


    Front wing shaped. Getting ready to cut to length.
  12. 20200507_141121.jpg


    Motor mount scheme. Dry fit. Speed Master 5" being used.
  13. 20200406_183401_005.jpg


    Decided to go ahead and make a small engine well.
  14. 20200406_183353.jpg


    Filling in the pieces for the rear shoes
  15. 20200320_180703.jpg


    Used a block to align the rear shoe frame.
  16. 20200319_171951.jpg


    Rear shoes. I'm just making this up....
  17. GraysonTaylor

    '91 Valvoline Miss Madison update

    I finally got around to added a few pictures to my album 91 Valvoline This is my first build in 25 years and my first scale so it is what it is. Getting the bend on the center tub at the nose was kind of interesting. No idea how others accomplish this. This is an ML kit, not an extreme kit...
  18. 20200217_171735.jpg


    I was then able to take a punch though the noise block hole and tap out the center of the block. Yes I actually had that in mind before I started the block idea. Prior to that were weeks of scratching my whatever.... If the curve looks offset, it is. The cowl is not symmetrical. Go figure.
  19. 20200214_182238.jpg


    Flip the boat with the block still in there and attached the bottom sheeting.