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  1. Mike Hughes

    Trim Tabs

    Mine are at 1/32 above
  2. Mike Hughes

    Electric Belt Starter Issues

    Cycle it a couple of times to make sure you are getting full charge. You should be able to get 4K mAh into it each charge after full discharge. If you not getting that then we need to check the charge settings are correct. I would check output voltage as well. Mike
  3. Mike Hughes

    Electric Belt Starter Issues

    Those TFL are designed for 3-4S. Is your battery good? It might be weak. Fully discharge it at a high rate and see how much you can put back into it. DId you lube you motor? Oilling a gas more with after run can locked it up and make it difficult to turn over with a starter. Mike
  4. Mike Hughes

    Tool for Sale Lathe - Mill Combination

    Yeah that going to weight about 700lbs. Al is not going to help with the loading. He will just hold the door open for you. He is still recovering from that broken leg. Mike
  5. Mike Hughes

    Parts For Sale NIP, Pair of Lap Counter Transponders

    I remembering paying 70 each for them like 20+ yrs ago. In today Bidenomics, that is a good price. Mike
  6. Mike Hughes

    Bearing damage

    Why do you say that Dave? Care to give us the why?
  7. Mike Hughes

    Boats Wanted Looking for SGX 90-101 or similar

    The price I set, I think is fair. I am not asking top dollar here. I priced it to sell. It just seems like the market is soft right now. Oh well, back on the shelf to collect for dust. Mike
  8. Mike Hughes

    Sold 41 inch cat hull. 200

    ghosted ya for 2 weeks
  9. Mike Hughes

    Sold 41 inch cat hull. 200

    Tim pruitt Member · 64 · From North Port Florida Joined Sep 9, 2020 Last seen Feb 1, 2024
  10. Mike Hughes

    SEM 42043 Primer

    I really liked their flouresent colors. But they discontinued them. I was able to stock up on the color for the Winston Eagle dayglo orange. Mike
  11. Mike Hughes

    My new ride

    46 x 22
  12. Mike Hughes

    My new ride

    I have some adjustment in this turn fin. The CG is a little further back than I was planning. Going to play with at the lake next weekend. Mike
  13. Mike Hughes

    My new ride

    Thanks everyoen. The plan is one of these days, we will be heading to a VooDoo race.
  14. Mike Hughes

    2024 nitro nats

    Ahem brother
  15. Mike Hughes

    My new ride

    Here is my new gas sport hydro. I drew this up last fall. Was too busy to get started on it until this fall. This is a project that Mark Anderson and I have been discussing for a while now. Building a gas sport that can break down and travel in our golf bags. The sponsons are removable just like...
  16. Mike Hughes

    .21 Outrigger recomendations

    Never left racing. Still have all my nitro boats. It will probably start out with a Nova since that is what I have. Mike