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  1. Niklas Edlund


    Most likely next week. The engines have arrived but are awaiting laser engravements on the head and case. Note, this Minicars Special Edition engine is for the European market (wholesale B2B distributed by Minicars Hobby Distribution AB in Sweden)
  2. Niklas Edlund


    Update: the first deliveries to our Minicars dealer network in Europe is expected in June 2023 (awaiting the custom production of the cooling heads).
  3. Niklas Edlund


    Basically the new O.S.Speed ”Special Edition” R21M-05 will be an Eurooean exclusive engine from us (Minicars Hobby Distribution in Sweden). It’s not an engine that will be available through all O.S.Engine distributors world wide. It’s an European Special Edition engine (limited edition) through...
  4. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 Files

    All JAE & KEP's files are now re-linked. Thanks to Joe Petro of that are now hosting them!
  5. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    Oops. It's fixed now :) /Niklas
  6. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    As of now I've updated all the download links for the KEP's & JAE freebie drawings so they are downloadable again. Thanks to Joe Petro @ for hosting them!
  7. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    Its a bit of everything, but mostly because my racing buddy passed away 3 years ago. That took away most of my drive so to speak…
  8. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    KEP's FE2S Mini file:
  9. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    KEP's T3-45 V2 files:
  10. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    KEP's T3 21 V2 files:
  11. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    Google discontinued the free drive storage I used earlier and Ive yet to man-up and find another solution ;) KEP's FE4S V2 files:
  12. Niklas Edlund

    A new nitro engine coming soon (some say I am mad for doing this!)

    I dont think Cipolla makes any glowplugs nowadays. Think TCA took over that quite a few years ago (10+?)
  13. Niklas Edlund

    A new nitro engine coming soon (some say I am mad for doing this!)

    What is the difference with this vs the existing Ströbel Profi 3.5 that they use in tether cars today?
  14. Niklas Edlund

    45 hydro saw record

    Sweet :)
  15. Niklas Edlund

    Aerodynamics in High Speed Riggers

    I do believe it has airbrakes... (rear fins can pivot)
  16. Niklas Edlund

    IMBRA 2018 WC France "live" !

    Combined results attached after two (of four) hydro qualifying rounds at the worlds in France today.
  17. Niklas Edlund

    Who out there is a Futaba Distributor

    Horizon Hobby will not distribute Futaba. Futaba will distribute and service their products by themselves from their Alabama location (I think). The "" domain will not be used by Futaba - that was/is the old Hobbico created one.
  18. Niklas Edlund

    Jae gt vs sgx 21?

    Brad: The KEP's T3-45 "V2" is in the "final" drawing works. But Ive been way too busy lately (all winter really) to make the official FREEBIE drawings come through. But hopefully it will be done "shortly" (a month or so I guess/hope). The updated T3 V2's (FE, 21 and 45) are not so much saving...
  19. Niklas Edlund

    My KEP's T3 45

    There will be a new turnfin for it "shortly" - will take about a month from now though. Make the turnfin mount with no toe-in also.
  20. Niklas Edlund

    New 21