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  1. dave roach

    K&D flow meter

    We have two new K&D flow meters ready for sale.You can contact me her if interested. Thanks Dave
  2. dave roach

    Bearing damage

    NO 1 problem Don't use bearings with the plastic retainer.
  3. dave roach

    Hot pipe flange ORings

    Try Dayton seal and packing in Dayton,oh Great company and fast shipping 937-228-2300 You what the Viton
  4. dave roach

    Silent engine..........

    So sorry to here this Don.Prayers for the Ferguson family.RIP Bob
  5. dave roach

    Shaft Oiler or Grease?

    I like using castor oil. Have been for 30 years and no problems Oil will get down in the windings of the cable better than grease. 5 Pages on how to lube your Shaft. use K-Y LOL
  6. dave roach

    Old Glory

    It was the night before Christmas threw out the house a/c was running because we live in the south.LOL
  7. dave roach

    Mike Betke`s Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mike
  8. dave roach

    Parts Wanted LF New CMB Green Valvola

    Sam I have a new one never seen fuel $ shipping
  9. dave roach

    Parts Wanted K&B red carb...........!

    The K&B carb the black .290 gold .312 red .340 ID if this helps.
  10. dave roach

    Parts For Sale Nitro pipes #1

    Hi Joe Whats the ops pipe on the box 21 or 45
  11. dave roach

    Sold Futaba R603FS

    John Are these new
  12. dave roach

    Switch failures

    Dr You can get them from Aliexpress
  13. dave roach

    Sealing a Wood Boat

    I have switch from west system to using total boat epoxy for building and finishing the out side and it sand so nice and does'nt load up your sand paper like west system.And it is cheaper than west comes with the pumps when you get the epoxy kit.
  14. dave roach

    silent engines

    It's a sad day for the Dayton Rc Boat Club.Are past president for 20 years Dennis Post pass way yesterday.Are hearts go out to the Family. Rest in piece my friend. Dave Roach
  15. dave roach

    Flow Meters

    K&D Innovations has three flow meters for sale.You can contact Kevin or my self at [email protected] or [email protected] or hear. Thanks Dave
  16. dave roach

    Boats For Sale REAL loi

    Gary What hull is that.
  17. dave roach


    Patrick Mull you have a PM Dave Roach
  18. dave roach

    2023 IMPBA Oval Time Trials, Cincinnati, OH

    Terry You got that wright.Smoking fast boats.
  19. dave roach

    My Wife

    Sorry for your loss