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  1. Ken Haines

    Schulze 40.300 Esc's

    Just did, thx Tyler.... hope to be back in the water soon !
  2. Ken Haines

    Schulze 40.300 Esc's

    Sadly damaged my 40.334 Schulze Esc at the Voodoo race. Any leads on finding selling a replacement would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken
  3. Ken Haines

    2021 NAMBA Nationals 50th Anniversary

    Lohring...Thx for posting these results.
  4. Ken Haines

    Lets race while we can. Breaking News

    Hey Chris, Hope you know some good news about this ? Here is the post on the Events Page: "Due to the many issues that have come our way in 2020 we are unable to contunue this service!"
  5. Ken Haines

    SpeedWeek 2020

    Re-posted your Speed-week information over on the Offshore-electrics forum. Getting excited about the trials for Fede and me. Hopefully with the help of some updated equipment we can challenge some more records. Even re-newed our IMPBA memberships this morning. Drive safe and see you and...
  6. Ken Haines

    SpeedWeek 2020

    Fede and I plan to be there too !!
  7. Ken Haines

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Sorry for the delay, but wanted to make sure to thank, Glenn, Donna, & John for once again being such great hosts and organizers at this years Speedweek @ Blue Lake. As always plenty of race time, camaraderie, laughs, and food. They are just simply great and dedicated people. Congrats to all...
  8. Ken Haines

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Driving up after work tonight..... Should be there bright and early Saturday morning. Oh yes, and bringing 28 boats.....I know you are really not surprised by See you soon, Ken & Fede
  9. Ken Haines

    Florida Fast Electric Championship

    19 Racers / 49 Boats and counting !!! Here are the latest race entries….starting to look like very good attendance  Mic is taking mail in entries too so if you are definitely planning to attend sign up soon….Don’t be left out of what looks to be a great race ...
  10. Ken Haines

    2019 Orlando Winter Nat's Results

    Orlando Winter Nat's Results Had a great time and met alot of new faces at this past weekend's races. The Orlando Culvert Dodgers Club really did a great job putting on this year's annual event. Note: We have expanded the Electric class options in District 3 for 2019, so here are the new...
  11. Ken Haines

    Electric Rules

    Wow....Bill you help make illegal and now obsolete a couple thousand of my FE Equipment and much more from many others and now the heat gets turned up a bit and you bail on conversation about it. You or the group responsible for the new 1/8th scale rule set barely if ever even travels to a...
  12. Ken Haines

    Electric Rules

    Lohring, here is the problem; those of us that race all over the country were not any part of this new scale rule. You can theorize all you want and that is definitely opinion, but up until recently our current rule set worked. Additionally this 1/8th scale unlimited Hydra class was gaining...
  13. Ken Haines

    District 3 has added 4 FE Classes to all 2018 races

    Final Reminder District 3 FE Racers, This Sunday March 18th is the final day to sign up for the Brandon Race. Here is the link for the race entry and all the details. To date there are; 4 -racers in P-Ltd Cat 4 -racers in P-Ltd Mono 5 -racers...
  14. Ken Haines

    SpeedWeek 2018

    A sincere thanks to Glenn & Donna for another great Speed Week at Blue Lake. They put so much energy and hard work into the time trials and we just cannot ever thank them enough. It is always a pleasure spending time there regardless of how well we do on setting new records. Thanks also to...
  15. Ken Haines

    37th Annual Orlando Winter Nationals

    Np Tyler and Ray, Just trying to get some FE Racing going down here. Btw....below is the link to the 1st Race:
  16. Ken Haines

    37th Annual Orlando Winter Nationals

    2018 Winter Nationals in Melbourne Florida They now have 4 Fast Electric Classes -P-Ltd Cat -P-Ltd Mono -P-Mono/Cat -Q-Mono/Cat There are also 2 Open Classes which include up to 10s Electrics -Open Hydro -Open Mono Ok FE Racers this is our opportunity to get Electrics going in our...
  17. Ken Haines

    Truex wins

    Congrats Martin, what an awesome drive. Veronica, Fede, and Jason Sims were all at the race. So Happy for you and Sherry !
  18. Ken Haines

    Any Speedweek Updates?

    Glenn, Thx so much again to both you and Donna for putting on another great event at Blue Lake. Fede smiled all the way home with his first record thx to the boat that we got from you. What a great group of guys at this years event. So happy so have Jason Sims racing again, and to have his...
  19. Ken Haines

    STOLEN RC Boat Race Trailer/Boats - Ken Haines

    Thanks for the words of encouragement through this whole ordeal. It meant a lot hearing from everyone here and elsewhere. Still missing a few boats and a bunch of equipment, but I realize I am very lucky to have gotten back the 18 boats, some of the RC gear and even the trailer. I think...
  20. Ken Haines

    SpeedWeek @ Blue Lake is back!

    Ok....I do have the video of Martin's Record run. The memory limit here prevented a download and it was to big to successfully email so I just setup my first YouTube video. Here is the link....please let me know if it works for everyone. Thanks, Ken