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    Paying with Paypal

    I did not know that...Thanks for the update. I went to the paypal site and if you use personal transfer there are no fees if the money comes out of your paypal account or your banking account. I thought that is how it worked for all I wondered what the fuss was all about on...
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    Paying with Paypal

    Why do you have to add 3% to the cost? Is that only if they are using it as a credit card? I thought that if I sent say 20.00 bucks to you that is what you got. Thanks for the info, Rick
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    Donation Drive Begins!

    Paypal done. Thanks for a great site. Rick Kelley
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    WTB an after market exhaust manifold for 67 OPS

    Will try to ship tommorow before I leave for the race. Might be Monday No problem, thanks for the update.
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    WTB an after market exhaust manifold for 67 OPS

    That is great, I will take both of them. Do you take paypal or would you rather something else. PM me with your info and I will send you my shipping address. Thanks, Rick
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    WTB an after market exhaust manifold for 67 OPS

    Guys, I am looking for an after market exhaust manifold for a 67 OPS. For some reason, I can not keep my pipe coupler on the stock version. New or Used will be great. Thanks, Rick Kelley
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    Life is good!

    Must be Fun living in a hobby shop... Rick
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    Who's got the best plug prices for '08?

    Mark, If you would likee to sell two cards of the 10 extra that you have I would like to buy them. Thanks, Rick Kelley
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    Donation Drive Begins!

    Done, Thanks Tom! Rick
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    Don Mock Scale Build Video's **SOLD**

    Russell, Tapes came Saturday in tip top shape. Thank you very much for the Quick shipping. Rick
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    Don Mock Scale Build Video's **SOLD**

    I'll take them for $30 if you will take paypal. Thanks, Rick
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    Bad news at

    Tom, I have tried to send you a PM and an email but I guess your not getting them. Anyway, I have a CNC router and maybe I can help you out, if you are interested. Rick Kelley
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    Pitch gauges

    I would like to get a complete setup also. Thanks, Rick Kelley
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    body filler-something other than 3 minute set??

    Don, You can mix in some polyester resin and this will slow down the cure time. Rick Kelley
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    ABS Vacuum forming

    Brian, I do Vacuun forming on the side, I have sent you an email with phone numbers if you want to talk. Rick Kelley
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    Has anyone out there built any CNC equipment?

    Eric, I bought the "Routzilla" plans and had no problems. All of John's plans are proven designs and work. He writes them for people who have just the basic hand tools so if you have any kind of shop tools you will be in great shape. As far as price, I thought it was a great deal. Rick
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    Has anyone out there built any CNC equipment?

    Eric, I built a CNC router this past summer. I got the plans from and have had a blast with it. It has a cutting surface of 14 X 26 and uses a Porter Cable trim router (7310). I'll try to help you if I can. Rick Kelley
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    Glueing high impact styrene

    Any of those will work fine or regular plastic cement. Rick
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    When is it Time to let go?

    Mark, There is some stuff called K2R spot remover which comes in a spray can and you can get it most anywhere. This stuff works great for pulling the oil out of wood. You just spray it on let it dry and then brush it off. It will probably take several treatments but it does an amazing job of...
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    Many items up for sale

    Brian, Could you list the OPS parts that you have. Thanks, Rick Kelley