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    2023 IMPBA/NAMBA TT at Huntsville, AL

    Huntsville, AL is hosting a combined IMPBA/NAMBA TT the weekend after Thanksgiving. 24-25 Nov will be the NAMBA TT and then we switch over to IMPBA on 26-27 Nov to finish out the year. As MANY of you know Huntsville is one of the best sites and has hosted many TT and national events over the...
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    ROCKET CITY 51st NAMBA Nationals 2023

    The WEB browsers updated and that is the trouble spot I bet. They lock down so much and now we are left with a mess as bad as not having the lock in the first place! You MAY be able to change your browser security settings to allow the no certificate but I bet not...
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    ROCKET CITY 51st NAMBA Nationals 2023

    It is the HTTPS part that is the issue. The S is for secure, try a different web browser...
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    Locked up K&B Engine and carb

    Crock pot with antifreeze (the green cheap stuff) slow "cook" it for 8 hours, more if really nasty. Will not harm aluminum or o rings. Paul
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    carbon fiber naca ducts?

    I was thinking a 3d printer would make quick work on this...
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    Castle lovers

    I could not find the max amps this thing can handle, they only talk about using 150A connectors...
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    Futaba 7px dl1 setup for remote needle

    Yup, got it solved. Those 7PX radios are pretty impressive... but that also adds to more work to figure things out!
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    Futaba 7px dl1 setup for remote needle

    Got it figured out now, was not as obvious as I was thinking it SHOULD be. Well I guess the radio is more setup for cars and FE power these days. Thanks for the help!
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    Futaba 7px dl1 setup for remote needle

    Thanks Daniel, that part I did not understand was the "The full channel control for channel 3-7 is the third choice down in table of functions. Use channel 3 or 4" I did not think the Throttle Trim was the option to use... was looking for some general kind of function. Paul
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    Futaba 7px dl1 setup for remote needle

    I am looking at using a 7PX DL1 knob to adjust the remote needle, I do not see an option to do this. I KNOW folks are doing this, so care to share the secret to doing this? Thx, Paul
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    Tower sells the R603FS, $50. Amain Hobbies and many others...
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    To add to what Bill said, Huntsville city has been VERY involved with the club, they WANT us to hold events as they know it is good for the city and the local economy to have visitors and enjoying what the city has to offer. There has been a big push to make things available for a very wide...
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    Questions about CA glues

    I wonder if the rubber toughened CA would work the same as the GFlex?
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    Questions about CA glues

    Take a look at Starbond CA. Very good quality CA and many options to choose from. Not the cheapest CA out there mind you...
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    engine cleaning

    Try antifreeze soak (50% water antifreeze mix) in a crockpot over night. Will not harm the parts and unless they are REALLY dirty no scrubbing is required. Paul
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    Futaba 7PXR Question - Redundant Receiver?

    Hey Doc I think the "long antenna" is really the same length of active antenna on the end, however the longer part puts that section more away from the noisy parts of the boat and the stuff that attenuates the RF. Paul
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    NAMBA Turkey TT, Friday- 26th Saturday - 27th, November 2021

    The following records were submitted to the IMPBA records chairman after the Turkey Time Trials: Truex/ B Hydro SAW/1.835/ 122.6 mph Truex-Hall/ Skiff 2 lap ¼ mile/24.124/37.307 mph Jim Johnson/ P Tunnel Saw/2.859/78.698 mph Garrard/S Hydro 2 lap ¼ mile/16.714/53.847 mph Garrard/S Hydro 2...
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    Hall of Fame Class of 2020

    Stu and Mike are very deserving of this and have really stepped up to the plate for many years!
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    Rod Geraghty

    Hang in there Rod! We need you buddy!
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    Congratulations Martin

    You da man Martin!