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  1. Lay26

    Backlash Damage Repair

    Looking good...I saw some really fast backlash at the nats...76 is hauling the mail
  2. Lay26

    Slingshot... X version

    The carbon version finally got some color...boat is 5" tub inside dimensions cowl was remade to fit the wider tub..this one was built around the Quickdraw drops right in. No mods on the motor needed to fit. could be made to fit others ...
  3. Lay26

    G3 Backlash

    Yeah I'm going to do that this weekend....a little less loose....just a trying to make it hard for incumbent champ this year
  4. Lay26

    i was just thinking

    Finally finished my carbon slingshot. It's a 5" tub with matching cowl to fit said 5" ..Taylor made to fit the Quickdraw machine skills needed just drop the motor in !!! I learned alot this last 3 years
  5. Lay26

    G3 Backlash

    Nailed the start leading for 4 laps then the tears start....
  6. Lay26

    G3 Backlash

    check out the G3...
  7. Lay26

    Painting over vinyl

    Just did my backlash...rough it up with 400 wet, then cleaned it with the wax and grease remover. then hit it with the 2k...came out nice
  8. Lay26

    How much 2k clear

    You will need 3 cans
  9. Lay26

    G3 Backlash

    I ment a bad a$$'s a gv couldn't handle was too small a hull
  10. Lay26

    G3 Backlash

    Allow me to reintroduce my Gen 2 convert. its an older build that had the motor and radio box moved like the has the bat wing deck as well..I have a bad pipe and motor to drop in this one. Clear and decals next
  11. Lay26

    Best props for Insane Thunderboat?

    Game changer might be to replace the flex cable with a wire drive
  12. Lay26

    New Ellison sport hydro EXCITED!

    Danny did you like the synergy hydro...Any bad habits?
  13. Lay26

    Who's got the nice Modified Zenoahs?

    This is so true....a lathe and mill is a must have.
  14. Lay26

    Sold Whiplash Sport 40

    @ Dan ....i have a gen 2 id let go needs some work ...paint LMK if your interested
  15. Lay26

    Blazer Marine Slingshot

    Bob Austin 7217 490 is a good start
  16. Lay26

    Who's got the nice Modified Zenoahs?

    Bh hanson AL does really good work..
  17. Lay26

    Slingshot... X version

    Little better view of the carb shield fitted to the cowl
  18. Lay26

    Slingshot... X version

    Let's see it...what hull is yours similar to?
  19. Lay26

    JRX T45

    Great job ...boat looks awsome
  20. Lay26

    Slingshot... X version

    Not sure if you can make that out