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    Screwed Blazer Marine

    All these problems and y'all keep useing pay pal huum!!
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    Boats Wanted Looking for Well Sorted Slingshot Gas Rigger

    So is it me or is any one else having trouble getting into M L boatworks:confused::confused:
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    Drain hole in transom

    Ok that's a great idea thanks allot Walt, I just got a problem drilling a hole in the transom of my Boat! But I'm tired of Taping down The coul and rear deck. Thanks again Walt.
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    Drain hole in transom

    What is a good size drain hole for a 33in hydro and who makes a plug for it
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    ML Boatworks GSX470

    252 717 6282 that's the number I have for Mike also
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    Older boat, New livery for this year

    Those zip ties on the exhaust look dangerous
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    Wow! Prices.

    Ower Lack of leadership is our down fall ..... I hope if you voted for this idiot your happy ! I'm not
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    Awesome paint
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    Parts Wanted Wanted zippkits tugster motors

    I am looking for some Zippkits tugster motors (2) of them
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    Tugster motors zipp kits

    I got a Zipp Kit Tugster a couple of mouths ago and got all the hardware for it but the motors ,they are( unavailable) ,I'm wondering if any one had any extra motors in there stash , know someone that may want to sale them. Or if someone knows were I can get a good fitting substitute...
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    I’m looking for the name of a guy that makes and sells exhaust systems.

    I'm looking for a couple of brushless motors for a zipp kit tug I think there (560) and 600kv , I contacted zipp kits the motors were discontinued and they were working with a another company to have some made , but nothing yet ,so if anyone has any they would like to get rid or and help...
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    Epoxy not setting

    So I spent most of the afternoon with rubber gloves, acetone, and a straightedge razor and I think I got all of THE UNCURED EPOXY off the one sponson I'll see what looks like tomorrow, it was nice today about 60 dogs, I had to take it down to the basement, the wife wasn't having it the...
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    Epoxy not setting

    Ok looks like I'm scraping it off ,so when I get it all off do I need to rub it down with assatone, denatured alcohol, nothing? And I was just sealing with the thinned epoxy , in preparation for paint.
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    Epoxy not setting

    I'm working in my basement, the temp is about 60 degrees I live Reno nv we have had some cool mornings ( the 20s ) , I think my epoxy is ok it's glueing ok I think I got the mix wrong and it didn't set up, I even tried putting the sponsons on the mantel above the wood stove with No luck...
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    Epoxy not setting

    I'm building a zip kit 26in Outrigger down to the ceiling of the boat evidently I got in a hurry on one of the sponsors and didn't get my epoxy mixture correct and it is not setting up any suggestions it's been 3 days and it's still sticky. I used 30 minute epoxy and denatured alcohol to thin...
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    Q Hydro Build.

    Is that a ML kit?
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    New Arrive Boat

    Has any one built any ML boat works Riggers , I was thinking g of the 38in ?
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    SpeedWeek 2022

    Is this speed weak in Texas?
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    Expanding foam

    Does any body use expanding foam in the sponsons for flotation , and sealing ?
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    Wtb octura x450

    So is there a web page for basic sharpening and balancing and polishing of a blade