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    Parts For Sale 7.5 lower

    Hi if Hyperproformance 7.5 lower still available, I ’ll take it $40.00 shipped
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    Parts For Sale K&B 7.5 Mod Outboard

    I’ll take $150.00 shipped
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    Sold SOLD

    Hi MrGary, Received the boat today-- excellent condition thanks
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    Sold SOLD

    Hi Mr Gary Payment sent--please send me the tracking number when you shipped and send the tracking number through PM
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    Sold SOLD

    Hi MrGary, I am offering you $600. shipped. I‘ ll take it thanks
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    Parts Wanted CMB .67 Green Head

    Hi I have brand new cmb 67/80 needles . I brought new two cmb 67/80 HR motor from Stu but never used. let you know thanks
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    Sold Speedmaster Carb - CMB 45 V5

    Hi BrIan, I am in Texas. This will be extra carb for me. If you want, you can take it . No worries sir. thanks
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    Sold Speedmaster Carb - CMB 45 V5

    Wait a second , I thought I said I‘ll take it First . Read again
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    Parts For Sale Carb for CMB 45RS Evo

    Selling bran new Carb for CMB 45RS EVo ,asking for $50 shippEd
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    Parts For Sale C.M.B. headers

    hi I ’ll take it 90/1.01 header One header for 90/1.01 18 degree used. $20.00
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    Parts For Sale Items FS, CMB carb, needles, pipes, motor mounts

    Hi Mike and Ronnie Both items are shipped out this morning, tracking sent
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    Parts For Sale Items FS, CMB carb, needles, pipes, motor mounts

    FS items, 1) Brand new- CMB v5 or RS Evo 45 Carb——$55.00 shipped 2). Brand new CMB .45 header———————$50.00 shipped--sold 3). Brand new CMB needle for .67-90————$35.00 shipped--sold but payment pending 4). Brand new CMB needle for .67-90————$35.00 shipped 5). Brand new CMB needle for...
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    Parts For Sale Spectrum receivers F/S

    well, here go the story, i asked him a questions about conditions of the receivers through PM. it took over a day to reply. i offer him $90 shipped in public and as same the token i offered him through Pm. He accepted and sent me his paypal acct. i was waiting for him to reply in public. He must...