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    USA Distributor for CMB motors and parts

    You all know all the frenzy going on now. Things are shutting down around me. All lobbies are closing for containment. My county has issued an alert for travel. Next level they will issue is for medical only. One of our cops test positive. Daily, I am hearing people in public contact in my...
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    R/C Boat for pools

    What are some online sources for r/c boats for a young boy to run in a pool? Thanks, Stu
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    To celebrate the new 21 hydro record with a CMB 21, I am starting my 10% off Christmas Sale now on all CMB motors, parts and support items. Email me at or call 317-462-9978 to order. Thanks, Stu
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    Tim Smith

    Does anyone know Tim Smith, Battle Creek, MI area. I have been trying to get in touch with him with no luck. Thanks, Stu Barr.
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    I am having my annual Christmas Sale again this year.  All CMB motors, parts and motor related products are 10% off.  This sale is for North American customers only.  Sale starts today and runs through December 6th.   A special Christmas gift will be included with each order! Contact me by...
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    CMB Crank Balancing

    Please refer to the new thread posted on the "HOW TO" forum for this service now available. Stu Barr
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    CMB Crank Balancing

    We finally have a source for balancing the CMB cranks.  This is a two tungsten slug recommended for only the CMB 45 VAC, 45 V.5, 67 HR, 67 HR EVO and 80 HR.  All the other CMB motors DO NOT need this.  The balancing increases the pug life for those that like to run these motors a very high RPM...
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    Nova Rossi 15cc Pipes

    CMB/Crapshooter Boats now offers Nova Rossi 15cc pipes. Price is $135.00 plus shipping. Email or call 317-462-9978 to order. Thanks, Stu
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    CMB 27 ALPHA'S

    Check the sale posted on the "Manufacture's Section". Stu Barr
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    CMB 27 ALPHA'S

    I have a few 27 ALPHA's left that I am going to offer for $600.00 each. This is almost 40% of the original price. These motors have been rebuilt with the 2016 crank/rod assemblies. I am still running this version in my hydro and my mono and I think many have seen them run. Great chance to...
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    The brass head shim kits are back in stock for the CMB 21's. Each kit has a .002", .003", .004" and .005" in them. Price for kit is $10. Contact me at or call 317-462-9978 to order. Thanks, Stu
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    I am offering my "Christmas Sale" again this year. Sale is 10% off all CMB motors and parts. Great time to stock up for the 2018 season. Last several years, customers saved over $2000. Please contact me at 317-462-9978 or by email, for any questions or orders. MERRY...
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    IMPBA EOP Trophy

    I have received the Excellance of Performance Trophy and it looks great! Bruce Jacobs delivered this to me a couple of weeks ago and I have been meaning to do a posting about it. There were many people involved in keeping this piece of history going. I want to give a big thank you to Mark...
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    Looking for a new glow plug adapter

    As title says, I need a new glow plug adapter. My all metal one has just flat worn out. What is available and where can I get one? Thanks, Stu
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    HOBART 2017

    Our race will not happen this year. Hobart is building a flood control wall and perhaps moving the 3rd street bridge. Construction will not be complete in time for our race. We seriously looked at 4 other alternate sites and the last one fell thru recently. Maybe next year! With that in...
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    James Wellmaker

    I am looking for any information on James Wellmaker. He is located in Palm City, FL. If you any info, please "PM" me or email me at Thanks, Stu
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    Larry Kent

    I am trying to get back in touch with Larry. I have a cell phone number, but it goes directly to voice mail that is not set up. Does anyone have current contact info (phone, email) for Larry? Thanks, Stu Barr
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    I am offering my sale again this year. Sale is 10% off all Nitro and Gas motors and parts. Sale will last through December 20th. Shipment from CMB is coming soon. Most motors and parts are in stock now. However, shipment to you may be delayed. Please place all orders to me directly. Email...
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    HOBART 2016

    Entries will open this Sunday afternoon, July 10th. Time may be around 3:00 PM EST. We plan on "downsizing" the entries because of lack of space for people to set up. This year, the maximum number of contestants will be 80 and boat maximum will be 250. Please remember to put your shirt size...
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    Wire Drives

    Who manufactures the wire drive set ups I have been hearing about? Contact info? Stu