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    P mono build questions

    It's been 10 years since I built a P mono. I just rebuilt my DF33 for P Limited but have not been able to test, everything frozen. It's a much shallower Vee than this mono and I did change trim tab placement on it but not sure if it's correct until spring. I watched this video of a guy building...

    Stinger height on transom?

    Last mono I built was 10 years ago and it had a flooded stuffing tube chamber for adjustments. I'm building a DF 34" Cyberstorm and I was curious how high to drill hole for 1/4" stuffing tube without a flooded stuffing tube chamber? The bottom is close to a .21 Speedmaster hull with no flat...

    Whip sport 40 propping

    Hi guys, I'm building a Whip sport 40. My question is what rpm do the (nitro I assume) engines run at unloaded and loaded? What size props can you turn with a 40 size engine. I ask not because I will run a 40 engine, rather it will be electric but, it's important for me to know what size...

    Crazy idea from an electric boater... Fuel Injection?

    Hi there, I'm only into electric rc boats but, I just had a thought. Has there ever been a fuel injection system for a gas or nitro engine or am I just a complete putz when it comes to fuel power. It seems like a neat idea but, is it even possible on the small scale? Would it bring fuel...

    How to fix warped wood stringers?

    I have a second hand Whip40 kit and there are some warped stringers and bulkheads. I just started a test to try and straighten them by heating up a scrap warped piece of 1/8th ply bending it with hands and then under 10lbs of weight with 123 blocks in between to keep it flat until it cools for...

    36" whip motor choice, 1520 Castle vs 1717??

    What do some of you think about using the Castle 1520 or 1717 in Whip 40? I've heard the 1717 can be an amp hog but, I would like to hear from someone that has used either or... please let me know.


    SOLD!!!!!!!!!! I have for sale, 3- CMDI Props New, never used. The fist I looked at and opened the package others still bagged. 3859/3 blade CT 3872/3 blade BS 3657/3 blade CT Sorry, forgot to add the letters first time... Would rather sell as a set at this time. Pictures available on...

    Looking for CMDI 3657/3 CT RIGHT!!! I have left for twin drive

    Just as the title says. I'm looking for CMDI RIGHT rotation props in the 36mm-38mm range. I have 3 left props i would like to match up with right turning props for a twin cat project. Wanted: 3657/3 CT right 3859/3 CT right 3872/3 BS right

    Mole go home!

    It would appear that there is a mole on a different private forum to which I am a member of. This is a message to the mole if you are surfing through here as well. GO HOME! You spineless jellyfish! If you had any guts or self respect you would stop what you are doing before you get caught and...

    Bearing replacement for Fiegao motor with crimped can

    Hi y'all, it's been a long time since I posted here and boy has it gotten busy in here. I guess blue is more calming then red. Now has anyone has replaced the bearings in a fiegao or nemisis motor, the ones with little crimps for the endbell and front plate? If so can you please post some...

    Eric, still looking to get M435 x3blade prop

    Sorry, I dinged a M435x 3blade and need a nicely balanced, thinned ( a bit) new one please. Left PM and Phone message. I would also like something special, a Y547 balanced, D/T and cut down to 44mm total diameter. Please let me know soon or I go local or loco!! :blink:

    Does anyone know Charles/Chuck Horton, aka Captain Chuck?

    He used to do props for me, out in Georgia or Florida. He doesn't answer emails?? Nice work !! Any one else heard of him??

    Turn Fins Again....

    Dear Grim, I saw the other thread about your .21 turn fin. Is it too big for the Blizzard Rigger from Climate models? 6 - 8 cells Is it good for both Riggers as above and/or Sport Hydro's? I usually hammer out my own but I am getting tired of that plus the price you have is fantastic, sale...