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    ISO 18 degree CMB 20 mono header.

    Like the title says. I’m looking for a CMB 20 header for a vee hull. I believe they are 18 degrees. If anyone has a new one or a used one in good shape please let me know. I’m trying to get one for the weekend. thanks
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    Stock 20 boat weight.

    Just curious, I’m building a couple 20 outboards two will be stock boats and one will be a tricked out mod boat. What is the average weight of a stock 20? I’m just about done with the first one and can’t get over just how little it weighs. Thanks Chris
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    Throttle linkage question

    So what’s the secret to getting a smooth consistent throttle response with a throttle cable? This is a first for me, setting up a cable style throttle linkage on an OB and so far lm not tickled pink with the outcome. It seems sloppy although I get full throttle and can shut the carb all the...
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    3.5 O/B props

    Who are the top 3 or 4 guys that sell ready to race small props to use on both the OS and Novarossi outboards? I hate working props!! Thanks Chris
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    3.5 outboard pipe

    What other options are out there in the way of a tune pipe for a new Novarossi 3.5 O/B other then the carbon fiber route? Thanks Chris