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  1. MikeMischnick

    Sullivan 12 Volt, SUL601 starter

    Yup, coming up on two years of racing using 5 cell 5000 milliamp battery pack That has never failed me. I've used it two- fire up any Nitro motor or model gas motor you could imagine
  2. MikeMischnick

    Urethane clear coating a scale hydro

    Hi Bert, In racing no question your right!! In painting a boat its been at least 30 years.the last time I painted a boat I used Hobby Poxy Paint. I know nothing about today's paint which is why I'm going to have it done.;)
  3. MikeMischnick

    C 19 relief

    Hi Bill, What you said works, I used my normal after run oil. 50/50 mix of Marvel mystery oil and Marvel air tool oil. I have never had a problem. Mike
  4. MikeMischnick

    Urethane clear coating a scale hydro

    Hi Joe, What do you use to clean the spray gun? Paint thinner or something else? Mike
  5. MikeMischnick

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    Jerry I was (3)!!
  6. MikeMischnick

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    Lets go back in the Way Back Machine. Back Back BACK to the year 1961. Dad set the record in 1961. Take a look at the TIME 1 Min. 18 Seconds for a D HYDRO!!!. on the 1/4 Mile course. That day dad had the fastest D hydro on the plant. (I miss you Pop)
  7. MikeMischnick

    NAMBA Nats 2020 Nitro Marathon & Gas Marathon Classes

    I talked to my race partner Jeff Daft . If you offer the class we will enter. Thanks Mike Mischnick
  8. MikeMischnick

    engine temperature

    (The information shared here is for inboard motors. I do not race outboards and do not have an opinion one way or the other.) ( Any testing done from information below you do what your own risk) I agree with the 21 Motors (Only) need more heat using the water cooling system. The problem with...
  9. MikeMischnick

    cmb 90 header needed.

    Stu Bar (Mr. CBM US) 317-642-9978
  10. MikeMischnick

    WTB ABC 3020-15-50

    New in the bag or in perfect shape. Thanks Mike
  11. MikeMischnick

    Looking for a new or slightly used CMB45rs

    Nope! I love the look of the boat and the cowling makes the boat awesome. :) What I think I'm going to do is if I don't sell the motor, is send the motor to Danny King and have him redo it.
  12. MikeMischnick

    Looking for a new or slightly used CMB45rs

    Hi Mike, I think I have what you looking for. I'll be at the race this weekend and bring all of what I've got. I'm getting out of the 40 class and have good Motors. I'm going to stick with the 21s and gas boats. See you Friday. :)
  13. MikeMischnick

    Looking for 33" 20 seaducer

    Text Jerry, He ill sell you any thing you need from parts to complete boat ready to run. 954-326-7613 (TEXT HIM DO NOT CALL!!) Mike
  14. MikeMischnick

    21 rigger

    Please post pictures with motor. Thanks Mike
  15. MikeMischnick

    Celina Summer Challenge

    Thanks to all who hosted the Celina race. Good time, great weather. Let's do it again next year. :-)
  16. MikeMischnick

    Celina Summer Challenge

    I'm coming for the food. :-) the heck with the racing!!!. Let's go racing!!! I'm looking forward to it.
  17. MikeMischnick

    IMPBA 2019 Internats

    Can do worm, no RAIN!!
  18. MikeMischnick

    Celina Summer Challenge

    I will take (2) Large Thanks Mike Mischnick
  19. MikeMischnick

    A brand new pair of CMB 90

    Who made these motors? About how old are they? They look like CMB's.
  20. MikeMischnick

    Engine Bearings

    Yes it is Mike. Sorry about the time to get back to you.
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