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  1. JimZaremski

    District 2 2019 Transom Twisters Hydrofest, Burton MI, August 11

    Hey y'all, the Hydrofest is August 11 at Kelly Lake Park in Burton, MI. Flyer is attached. you can enter by posting here or emailing me @ or by snail mail at the address on the flyer. edit July 27- current entries by class
  2. JimZaremski

    2018 Hydrofest, Burton MI- August 12

    Hear ye, hear ye, get your entries in for the 2018 Hydrofest in Burton MI, August 12 2018. 2018 Hydrofest Flyer.pdf
  3. JimZaremski

    WTB straight exhaust header for CMB .67HR

    hi, subject says it all- CMB only makes 10 and 18 degree headers, and I need a straight one. Thanks
  4. JimZaremski

    paint code(s) for '71 Miss Madison

    doing a new Thunderboat (Zipp SLR Missile) as a '71 Miss Madison tribute. I figure the white is white, but does anyone know what the other color(s) are?
  5. JimZaremski

    Not everyone can be in lane 1 at the start

    Especially when your boats are 6,700 lbs.
  6. JimZaremski

    2017 Hydrofest, August 6 Burton MI

    Flyer is attached. Please note we're attempting an earlier start time this year. Entries can be posted here or jrcbd, email, or snail mail. Thanks! 2017 Hydrofest Flyer.pdf
  7. JimZaremski

    Don Brown you have a PM

    see subject
  8. JimZaremski

    Simple fuel ratio question

    When a nitro fuel is listed as 50% or whatever nitro, is that 50% of the overall mix or 50% of the non-oil portion?
  9. JimZaremski

    D2: Transom Twisters 2016 Hydrofest, August 14

    Flyer attached. Entries accepted either by e-mail or post here. Or snail mail. please note I'll be checking this thread every couple of days, so if I don't specifically acknowledge your entry, don't worry. You're in. Thanks and hope to see you there! 2016 Hydrofest Flyer.pdf
  10. JimZaremski

    CMB .45 HR bearing sizes (red head)

    can someone tell me what the bearing sizes are for the red head CMB .45 HR? I think it's MR6001 and MR608, but Boca's application guide doesn't show the HR. thanks
  11. JimZaremski

    Restored '67 Miss US

    Got this from Mike Betke late last year, it's been touched up and re-finished. Always wanted a Bill Muncey boat
  12. JimZaremski

    Teddy Dudley

    Happy Birthday Teddy!
  13. JimZaremski

    WTB exhaust header for Pro Boat 1/8 scale Bud/Llumar/ELam

    title says it all. looking for the exhaust header for the Pro Boat large scale gas Budweiser, Llumar, ELAM, or Formula hydroplanes. The space between the engine and hull is tight and this is the only one which will easily fit.
  14. JimZaremski

    Sport 20 hulls/kits: good one to look at?

    I'm looking at Sport 20. I've found the blazer Whiplash which I'm inclined to get since my Blazer gas hydro runs so well, but if there are others out there I'm all ears.
  15. JimZaremski

    Ralph Barthel

  16. JimZaremski

    need CMB .67 HR (greenhead) internal parts

    blew up a .67 HR this weekend, big end of the rod let go. need piston, sleeve, rod, and needles. Crank looks OK, no galling or discoloration, and looks like it stopped dead before tearing up the crankcase.
  17. JimZaremski

    D2 2015 Transom Twisters Hydrofest, Burton MI

    Flyer is up on IMPBA, attached here. 2015 Hydrofest.pdf
  18. JimZaremski

    Whiplash "Beer Wagon"

    Just finished this hull. Someone else in the area has one decorated as "Bud Light." If he races this year we'll have a couple of beer wagons out on the course.
  19. JimZaremski

    It's all about scale

    On the left, the single piston from a Picco .65 marine engine from an old 1/8 scale Unlimited. On the right, one of the 12 pistons of an Allison V-1710 from a 1/1 scale Unlimited
  20. JimZaremski

    Transom Twister Hydro Fest Flyer

    Flyer for 2014 Hydrofest in Burton, MI. 2014 Hydrofest Flier.doc