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  1. J

    WTB OS Nipple - lower unit

    Rick thank you but that is not the same part that I'm looking for....I'm looking for the bolt/nipple assembly that goes in under the exhaust system.
  2. J

    WTB OS Nipple - lower unit

    Looking for an OS outboard .21 part - the nipple that goes into the top of the lower unit; part 4 5571 100 (Universal nipple L3.5) from the manual. Screw broke off during maintenance and cannot seem to find one online anywhere. thanks for any guidance or direction on where to find one.
  3. J

    Scale Thunder Boat set up

    Greg - there is a lot of great set-up information in the manuals or on the zippkits website. I've always had good luck with the stock settings and then adjusting to fit the driver. Which hull are you running? is the strut set at the stock setting?
  4. J

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    Parts found - thanks Mr. Roach! thread can be closed - thanks everyone
  5. J

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    Looking to purchase two please
  6. J

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    looks like i'll be ordering new....any opinions on the hyperformance versus mecoa?
  7. J

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    That is a great deal Shane, but I'll pass as it has a few items that are not needed.
  8. J

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    For clarification, looking for two (2) of these...
  9. J

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    Good evening I'm rebuilding the tunnels for the kids....both are running K&B .21.  I'm looking for two (2) outdrives...screw in style.  I know that MECOA sells them new, but checking to see if anyone has any around that they are not using and want to sell. Thanks and let me know Jesse
  10. J

    Looking for a tunnel

    Patrick are you looking for a particular size tunnel, boat only or rtr?
  11. J

    D4 Badger Annual Turkey Shoot **It's Back** October 7th, 2018

    Hey guys - we plan on heading that way tonight. I tried to open up the race flyer on rc racing events - but it is not loading. Could someone please post directions to the race location? Thanks
  12. J


    Dan Are online registrations required or can we enter at the race?
  13. J

    CMB 91/101 carbs, remote needles, CMD pipe mount pedestals

    Don - good morning sir. I'll take 4 of the 3rd channel remote needles...could you please PM me your payment information? Thanks sir
  14. J

    Celina Summer Challenge XXVI

    Payment sent for Milo and Jesse Carlton.
  15. J

    Chicago Challenge Aug 6th

    Yes, it is. Thanks
  16. J

    Chicago Challenge Aug 6th

    Could you move Jesse from gas mono to gas cat? I entered before you added cat.....thanks
  17. J

    Chicago Challenge Aug 6th

    Good evening - B Tunnel is this stock, mod or combined? Also - can we enter at the race or do we have to pre-register? Thanks
  18. J

    Daytona Outrigger Hydro

    Boat is sold