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  1. Jim Allen

    Sullivan 12 Volt, SUL601 starter

    Can this starter be used with a 5.0ah 19.2 volt Lithium Battery without any damage? Jim Allen
  2. Jim Allen

    What is this tool used for?

    This precision setting gage eliminates the use of ring gages when setting a Sunnen Bore Gage. Are there any machinist or tool makers out there that have used this toll? Jim Allen
  3. Jim Allen

    Hitec D845WP (IP67 rated) servos

    I have two, brand new, never used Hitec D845WP (IP67 rated) servos with molded grommets, eyelets, 3-48 stainless mounting screws with washers & many extra servo arms for sale. I want to sell both servos for $75.00 dollars each, not to include shipping. The servos also come with the Dynamite...
  4. Jim Allen

    Solidly Mounted Servos

    Does the solid mounting of servos shorten their operating life? These are Hitec D956WP servos in an aluminum mount. No rubber grommets are used. Jim Allen
  5. Jim Allen

    Special Tuned Pipe Mount

    The custom machined pipe mount system with its 5/8" OD X 1/2" thick isolation mounts has been completed. JA
  6. Jim Allen

    A Sealed, Adjustable Weight System, Designed For MONO Hulls

    The simple adjustable weight system shown was added to an AC Slayer 49" Mono which uses a 35 cc Zenoah & a Performance Unlimited tuned pipe. The hull could not be balanced to the designed balance point, 17.5" from the transom, after adding the 3 " diameter, 11 degree baffle tuned pipe & muffler...
  7. Jim Allen

    Three Piece Crankshaft Die Set

    This die set will be used to disassemble & assemble three piece crankshafts. It will give an accuracy of total runout from end to end of + or - .0005"; providing the crankpin holes are square to one another. Final trueing of the crankshaft will be done in a four jaw chuck to a total runout of +...
  8. Jim Allen

    Carbon Fiber Catamaran with an adjustable CG & adjustable turn fin

    Both of these systems were shared with me by a very capable Australian model boater. The 1/16" thick turn fins are machined from spring steel stock. They are machined to a full wedge, leading edge to rear edge with carbide tooling & a simple fixture. The turn fins can be adjusted in position &...
  9. Jim Allen

    A Special Rudder Linkage

    This rudder linkage was designed to allow right rudder actuations to be done by pulling the rudder rod rather than pushing the rod. All the linkage moving metal parts are made of AISI O-1 full hard tool steel. Metal to metal bearing points are insulated with machined teflon pieces. The...
  10. Jim Allen

    Re-machined piston bosses

    A simple two part fixture allows the re-machining of existing stock piston bosses so that the custom connecting rods used can be guided in the upper end where the rotational speeds are much lower than the bottom end. The total clearance in the upper end between the piston bosses is now...
  11. Jim Allen

    Randleman Lake

    Is anybody running in Randleman Lake located between Randleman & Level Cross, NC.? Jim Allen
  12. Jim Allen

    dimension between the ground strap & the piston at TDC

    A picture of the 1 to 10 drawing in the photo shows that the bottom of the ground strap is .016" away from the piston at TDC in my 27 cc engine. What are some typical numbers in hemi type heads? The second photo shows that the glow plug is .048" away from the piston at TDC in my 16 cc engines. JA
  13. Jim Allen

    accurately determining the amount of radial play in a ball bearing

    I will post photos of the tool, with explanations, that we use to accurately determine the radial play of ball bearings used in our racing engines. We purchase WIB Swiss made bearings that are made to our specs. Since the bearings are pressed onto the crankshaft & shrunk into the crankcase a...
  14. Jim Allen

    Construction details for a reliable high performance connecting rod

    I will begin a series of post on how to construct a steel "I" beam type, roller connecting rod. The rods can be used in high performance gas & nitro engines. Jim Allen
  15. Jim Allen

    engine timings

    I have been asked a very intelligent question about how the exact timing dimensions are found for the exhaust, transfers & boost ports by a manufacturer of hundereds of engines. I can assure you that a "degree wheel" is NEVER used to determine or check any timing point in any manufactured or...
  16. Jim Allen

    new carburetor setup

    The photo shows a Tillotson 19-E carburetor mounted on the isolator block for a rear exhaust QD. The isolator block & the 3/16" aluminum adaptor need to be modified to except the 19 mm (.7480") bore carburetor. The velocity stack comes from Tower Hobbies. A short, very stiff pulse line will be...
  17. Jim Allen

    Baar cutting a colbalt chrome propeller

    Cobalt Chrome ASTM F-75 is a medium strength (130,000 psi tensile) , 34 Rockwell C, nonferrous cobalt alloy with goood stiffness & high corrosion resistance. The alloy is difficult to file & cut, therefore I use diamond files ( 40 to 600 grit) & coated carbide end mills for effective cutting...
  18. Jim Allen

    flow ramps used for front intake engines

    I will post photos & explanations concerning the machined phenolic flow ramps that are added to the crankshaft's intake track. They are secured with J-B weld after machining & final shaping. They help the engine to pipe up & give an extra 300 to 350 RPM on the high end. Small size, front intake...
  19. Jim Allen

    cable end preparation

    I use a heat sink to silver solder the end of the cable for a distance of approximately 1/8". This prevents any unwinding or separation. I then solder the cable end with silver bearing, acid core, lead free, solder for a distance of approximately 1 1/4". I use Tec Flux high temperature soldering...
  20. Jim Allen

    A Better Crankcase Seal

    I have used the very low drag type seals shown in the photos for several seasons. The RCMK stroked crankshafts used in these seals have been "carefully trued". (.0002" total indicator run out end to end) The precision ground shaft shown (.4722") in the photo not only checks the alignment of the...