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  1. Chris Wood

    Potential new pond for people in eastern va, south east carolina

    trust me mikey I would LOVE TO. I just know how it works. I get one pretty soon i have a arsenal shop, trailer ect. I miss racing alot thought.
  2. Chris Wood

    Potential new pond for people in eastern va, south east carolina

    Guys, I troll the wife's facebook page from time to time and looking for car shows to go to in my area and this came up. I contacted them about attending and when i seen the venue i thought OMG look at this lake. Well today i go to the web page and they post this. ( anyone interested in racing...
  3. Chris Wood

    One of the most shocking and disturbing things I've ever heard or saw.

    yep, seen it, herd it and yet does not shock me. We are no longer in control of the usa. We no longer have the government that works for the people. We now work for the govt. Unless folks realize what is going on nothing is going to change. So continue to wear a mask, get 5 vaccine boosters...
  4. Chris Wood

    2023 Indy Masters

    don't tempt me with a good time Mikey LOL!!!!
  5. Chris Wood

    2023 Indy Masters

    man i need to come out of retirement. anyone gotta a hydro to run :) would LOVE to be there
  6. Chris Wood

    Back in the day

    Ron you still running slotcars?
  7. Chris Wood

    Prop walking F hydro

    yep unless things have changed all speedmaster is 6061
  8. Chris Wood

    Newest Cmb .45

    the gold head 67 zimmerman motor was one the of best i have ever ran. cut the sleeve up open the rotor time. run .008 - .0010 back plate clearence and square out the carb. I picked up 5mph on that motor with a LONG venture stack. great great motor
  9. Chris Wood

    Eagle Twin

    I can tell you first hand that unless you have a cnc machine and you make other products other than hardware is a loss leader. My dad made all the hardware for my boats I used to make. 6061 brackets and struts and 7075 rudders. Did it on a manual mill and a lathe and the time it takes is...
  10. Chris Wood

    Eagle .45

    yep 2nd. i had the top fuel wing boat. then we scrapped that went to bottom sponsons.. then he went to sponsons on the outside for a brief moment then back to under. :)
  11. Chris Wood

    L/F "Flat" Flap wheel disc

    I used to use these in combination with the 3m wheels on props.. good place to deal with
  12. Chris Wood

    Wow! Prices.

    wait till fall for food prices and food shortages. will make gas the least of our worries. oh and your ESG score......
  13. Chris Wood

    Sponson span

    i have not run boats for a few years now. I used to run 80's and i never felt they had issues or not competitive. I won my fair share of races and events over the years with 67's and 80's. I ran 67's in f hydro with no issues. The main issue becomes props and twins chewing up the water...
  14. Chris Wood

    Sponson span

    wider can help. but to narrow of sponson ride pad and wide spacing did not work well for me. just keep that in mind
  15. Chris Wood

    Visit RC boating venue.

    I live near Virginia beach. Not much here.. THere is a club from what I understand that gets together once a month or twice a month I think to do testing. Dick Tyndal, and Don F live in the area. ( dick is i think in hampton or norfolk ) which is close. Don is an hr or so away. Kentley porter...
  16. Chris Wood

    Rod Geraghty Had a Stroke

    Very sad to hear about Rod. I enjoyed our Spirited discussions about boats and life when I got to see him. As we get older there is no substitute for time so while things in the world are a mess. Try to enjoy the things you love and love to do while we can. Rod hope you are having a good time up...
  17. Chris Wood

    Old boats from 68-77

    Man o man is this leroy peterson?? Good old days Phil
  18. Chris Wood

    Oil for Shaft Oiler

    castor cleans up real easy with denatured alcohol or simple green :)
  19. Chris Wood

    Trueing up the bottom of a mono?

    my dad had a seaducer that dunked none stop. ran super flat and BAM.. we messed with props struts ect.. we finally put bondo on the bottom at the very tail end about 6" or so. and started to sand.. bit by bit.. must have used over a gallon in fuel till we got it JUST RIGHT. it was great then...
  20. Chris Wood


    mike I feel bad for you.. our country has spun out of control on this ridiculous overbearing virus control.. sounds like canada and aussie land has as well. hope all is well sorry didn't mean to turn political. :)