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  1. anthony_marquart

    What ever happened to...

    Running a model hydro on high nitro 2 stroke engines is NOT easy! It's definitely NOT a plug and play kind of activity. It takes either years of learning or the ability to REALLY listen to others with experience. I have to say that some of these RTR FE boats are pretty **** impressive though...
  2. anthony_marquart

    Esc program problem (I think)

    Yep. I got it sorted out. Switched a couple leads and it was fixed!
  3. anthony_marquart

    Here we go...Plywood Shortage?

    Sounds like more fiberglass options soon!
  4. anthony_marquart

    Position of prop blast water pick up relative to prop

    looking for recommendation on position of pick up relative to the prop
  5. anthony_marquart

    Old School Cool!!

    Very cool
  6. anthony_marquart

    “Max capacity” instead of “full” on charger display

    Charging some packs last night. The beeper went off and the display said “max capacity reached”. It typically says “full” or something like that. What does that mean?
  7. anthony_marquart

    Sport 20 info

    Love the design of that boat! Cowl not real conducive to FE though
  8. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    6s / 1650kv Leapard 4074 / 180A ESC / 5000mah 100C batteries / I don't have telemetry with my radio but I'm pretty sure it was hotter than that. It's pretty fast.
  9. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    Running the boat this morning. How hot should the motor and esc be getting? The boat is now running but stopped after a few laps. I think it was thermal cut off. Got the boat back in and the collet had slipped. The motor was hot to the touch. Could only touch for about 3 seconds but it came back...
  10. anthony_marquart

    Delta Force vortex hydro 34 OSE

    I’ve done a lot of reading on this hull. I didn’t buy one. The guy at ose told me it needs a layer of carbon in the bottom of the hull. Also the sponsons are not “vented”. No inner notches to vent air. Because of this the hull can be hard to keep on the water. I like the design though. These...
  11. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    Hey I think that may have fixed it! I’ll confirm tomorrow. Thank u very much.
  12. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    Do you mean switch any 2 of the bullet plugs? And yes, i think it goes full power in reverse right now
  13. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    Come on guys! Any suggestions
  14. anthony_marquart

    Esc program problem (I think)

    Posted in FE boats too ur-19. New seaking 180 and leapard motor. Motor run forward and back. Maybe 10% power going forward. Won’t even plane. 6s. I think it’s esc programming. Can’t seem to get into program mode. Help please!
  15. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    I don’t seem to be able to get this into program mode
  16. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    It runs forward and back. That is one of the modes on the esc. Can’t seem to change it
  17. anthony_marquart

    Esc programming issue (I think)

    Grrrrrr. Ok. New Seaking 180 esc and new leapard motor wired by OSE. set up w 6s. I can’t seem to get the esc in program mode. The motor spins in reverse with reverse throttle. It will not spin up in forward. It only will run at what I guess is about 10% rpm in forward. It seems to spool up...
  18. anthony_marquart

    Teflon tube removal for UL-19

    It was a little tight but popped loose and came out.