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  1. ww29

    sgx .67 twin

    sold to eric
  2. ww29

    sgx .67 twin

    pm coming
  3. ww29

    sgx .67 twin

    sgx .67 twin with new novarossi .67 motors and new uncut headers. never finished boat. all it needs is pipes servo for fuel air mix. cant find cowl but looking for it and radio box cover. 1250.00 shipped firm
  4. ww29

    sgx .90

    sold to Garett
  5. ww29

    sgx .90

    sgx .90 comes with cmb .90rs evo , bouchie pipe new motor never started does have muffler on it. hull has fresh paint all servos. needs rod for rudder. almost ready to run. $1150.00 firm shipped usa. if u need more pics let me know.
  6. ww29

    pair of novarossi .67 with headers and collets new

    they are new never seen fuel only mounted. comes with collet and uncut header $950.00 plus pp fees shipped usa out of usa actual shipping
  7. ww29

    21 Hydro Rigger

    what is price of boat I am interested
  8. ww29

    2016 Fall Nationals Race Opening Up Soon

    due to mechanical problems wheel bearing I will not be able make it
  9. ww29

    Rum Racing add on mufflers

    Don I will take last 2 mufflers if u still have them. I can paypal or pay u at fall nationals
  10. ww29

    Bouchie pipe/water fittings

    contact Bill Brandt at rattlesnakerc he carries the 90 degree fittings
  11. ww29

    My wife says I can't buy any more boat stuff!

    tell her you traded a boat for it. that what I tell my girlfriend. when she asks what boat I tell her it was a old one in the attic I had for years. hope she never catches on.
  12. ww29

    Gen-4M flow meter are back

    it ok boris. no rush
  13. ww29

    Gen-4M flow meter are back

    boris money sent for flow meter my address: William whetstone P.O. Box 174 Rouzerville Pa 17250
  14. ww29

    2016 Fall Nationals Race Opening Up Soon

    I will see you guys in november
  15. ww29

    Announcement from rcRacingEvents

    Bill don't let those idiots win. you are way better person than them. I never met you but it really makes impba events a lot easier. this hobby is small and if u leave it will most likely go smaller. you do have a lot of friends and people on here that respect what u do for the hobby. it will be...
  16. ww29

    New Novarossi 67 DD Marine Engines now in Stock!

    looking forward to seeing u Ron it been to long buddy
  17. ww29

    New Novarossi 67 DD Marine Engines now in Stock!

    Ron if shim kits come before fall nationals u can bring them with u. I will be there
  18. ww29

    2016 Fall Nationals Race Opening Up Soon

    it will be opened up on Friday October 7,2016 at 8:30am
  19. ww29

    21 Vision and OS aircooled engine

    mike if the water cooled o.s. is still for sale I will take it
  20. ww29

    D12 IMPBA race #4 Joseph A Sparr Memorial

    was really good seeing everyone. Had a great time. Don hope you feeling better man. that twin was rocking the lake at 92mph in heat trim.