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  1. FloridaScaleBoater

    Some of my boats

    Could you show the bottom of the 34" Vortex please.
  2. FloridaScaleBoater

    Parts For Sale Futaba T3PM W/ 2 R603FF RX's

    How Bout $160.00 plus shipping? Send me a PM with complete ship to address, I'll check that tomorrow
  3. FloridaScaleBoater

    Parts For Sale New CMB 45 VAC

    nice snag Phil! How have you been buddy? All good.
  4. FloridaScaleBoater

    Parts For Sale Futaba T3PM W/ 2 R603FF RX's

    For sale is a Futaba T3PM TX W/ 2 R603FF RX's. TX has a HiTec 9.6v 1600mah battery pack. All in perfect working condition, TX antenna still in perfect working cosindition. Asking $175.00 plus shipping Open to possible offers
  5. FloridaScaleBoater

    Parts Wanted Long Antenna

    You looking for the 400MM for the 2.4 RX's? Try Walt Barney
  6. FloridaScaleBoater


    I think the question above is, are the P&S interchangeable as is the case with the CMB 67 & 80
  7. FloridaScaleBoater


    Can they be purchased? From where?
  8. FloridaScaleBoater

    Parts Wanted Floor Mount for Sport 20

    Sammy, make your own. using the engine mount rails & rubbers from a SpeedMaster mount and some angle aluminum. I will send you some pic's of the one I did in my ML sport-20
  9. FloridaScaleBoater

    Sold F/S Seaducer SD3 RTR

    I can do $450.00 shipped in lower 48, thank you. PayPal is [email protected] as F&F or 3% to cover fee's PM me your ship to.
  10. FloridaScaleBoater

    Sold F/S Seaducer SD3 RTR

    Moving this to the top, Have a perfect box to ship it in,,, Need it gone please.
  11. FloridaScaleBoater


    Is that from Bill @ Rattlesnake RC?
  12. FloridaScaleBoater

    Possible fuel pickup...

    Those prices are REDICULOUS!!!
  13. FloridaScaleBoater

    Parts Wanted Picco P45 Black Head P&S

    Joe Warren Joe Weibelhouse (SP) IMPBA scale director
  14. FloridaScaleBoater

    Ha,Ha!!!! This is great !

    Me 3
  15. FloridaScaleBoater

    launch handle

    Preference. BUT 20 boats struggle with power/weight, so why add that weight to the back end of the boat.
  16. FloridaScaleBoater

    Sold Decent 67 greenhead

    What is "modified for scale boat racing"?
  17. FloridaScaleBoater

    Wyoming is Fighting Back

    J.R. Caines. May I ask your thoughts on the state of the Southwest and South Florida borders and the influx of Illegals allowed to enter the U.S.
  18. FloridaScaleBoater

    Help identifying a cowl

    ML Boat Works